A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend

  • by Felicity Huffman, Patricia Wolff
  • Narrated by Shelly Frasier
  • 4 hrs and 15 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Most dating books are written for women - what a mistake that is. Women know how to date....It's men who need the help! At last: a blithe, bold, and bawdy guide to building a better boyfriend.
At some point, every guy (player, geek, mama's boy, "regular Joe") meets a woman who makes him want to be a boyfriend. A good boyfriend. Problem is, unless he's had some first-rate training (by a previous girlfriend, a sister, a mom), he probably doesn't even know what that means. Felicity Huffman and Patricia Wolff come to the rescue with a rollicking and whip-smart handbook to navigating the minefield of male-female relationships.
Directed at men (though of course it's women who'll download it, then leave it on their boyfriend's listening device, accidentally on purpose), A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend lays out the manly steps involved in becoming a good boyfriend, while still maintaining guy-dignity. It covers issue like:

Who decides when you become a boyfriend (answer: she does)
How to look like you're listening, even when you're not (If you're busted, just say, "You're so pretty, I'm distracted.")
Ten things never to say on the first date (Number Four: "I just did that to freak you out.")
Finding the middle ground between too cool (think third grade) and too eager (think surprise visits)
Why becoming a good boyfriend is a lot like training for the A-Team.
Filled with humor, ribaldry, common sense, and assorted outdoor skills, A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend is the next dating guide to dominate the best-seller lists.


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Customer Reviews

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Can't Stop Laughing

I couldn't stop laughing throughout this book. I listened to it while riding the metro to and from work -- I'm sure my fellow passengers thought I was nuts. The narrator, Shelly Frasier, does a superb job. It doesn't sound as though she is narrating -- it sounds as thought she is speaking to you, coaching you. Most of the advice is common sense -- but since when is common sense common?

I wish the book were longer. As the title indicates, it is mostly about established relationships, how to improve them, how to accommodate -- but not understand -- the GF's (Girl Friend) irrational behavior (understanding is genetically impossible) and how to breakup. The authors seem to address most cases where the GF is fully committed to a relationship. I'd like to have read/heard more about how to approach woman and how to develop their interest. I believe that most women are not as appreciative of good manners as the authors claim.

Regardless, the book is insightful, well written, superbly narrated, and well worth the time and energy to listen.
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- Marshall

Written for Women to Enjoy

While the author tries to connect with guys by throwing in references to Star Trek or Power tools, everything comes across as patronizing. The entire book reads as condescending towards guys, and the overall theme is "girls are crazy, get over it and listen to everything they tell you to do, if you wanna get sex." Probably funny to women, but is kinda insulting to males. The men she describes in this book are the kind who will never read/listen to this type of book, so what's the point?
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- dslr shooter

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-26-2007
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio