639hz Solfeggio Meditation

  • by Harrold Glenn, Ali Calderwood (music)
  • 1 hrs and 21 mins
  • Speech

Publisher's Summary

Create emotional stability and harmonious relationships. This is one of a series of six meditation recordings by Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood, which are based upon the ancient solfeggio musical scale. Each note in this scale has specific healing properties and this recording uses the fourth note, which resonates to a frequency of 639hz.
This frequency works on connecting and harmonising relationships and deals with our perceptions of love. It can help you to change the way in which you interact with the world so that you bring more harmony and balance in your life and can help with issues around self-love and acceptance, loneliness and emotional stability. This recording contains two tracks, the first you can use in the daytime as it will guide you back to full waking consciousness at the end. The second track will guide you into a deep sleep state at the end, which makes it ideal for using before you go to sleep at night. When you are instructed to repeat affirmations, connect with positive feelings (e.g. happiness, joy, love), this will help you absorb the suggestions on a deeper level. You don’t have to repeat the affirmations out loud but do make a strong connection with them.


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Customer Reviews

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Great meditation, very calming

I have all the Solfeggio Meditations available right now and enjoy all of them.. This is one of my favorites, though.. This one is used to create emotional stability and harmoise your relationships.. It's about loving others as well as yourself.
Glenn Harrold explains how the Solfeggio notes work at the beginning of each meditation. There are two meditations on each cd, basically the same, only one is to use during the day and the other is used at night (has an ending that will lull you into sleep..very soothing).
He doesnt' say this in his description, but because I have all of them, I'm sure each one is connected to our Chakra system... Like with this one, it is connected with the color of green and will help you with issues concerning love and relationships, the same as with our heart chakra..
I can't say my life changed overnight..it isn't designed for that.. but I do feel a little difference in the way I see others, as well as myself.. I seem to be trying harder to understand others actions, as well as giving myself a break in the way I judge my own feelings..
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- Karen

Very peaceful

I like this meditation. It has one for the day and one for before you to go bed. I prefer the one before bed. It helps me wind down. I'm not sure if I can credit the meditation for this but I have noticed a calmness in my approach with relationships lately. If anything, it's a good way to wind down.
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- Cris5y

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-29-2012
  • Publisher: Diviniti Publishing Ltd