Why Theory

  • by Robert Kaufman
  • Narrated by John Salustri
  • 2 hrs and 4 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Shocking answers to the world's most baffling questions
Finally, an entertaining, easy-to-listen-to explanation of the great mysteries and how the universe really works.
Why Theory
If you don't know why, you don't know anything. Einstein was right, Niels Bohr was wrong, after all. Be smarter than Isaac Newton, Niels Bohr, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and everyone you know.


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WHY Another Silly Ether Theory?

This book promises if you read it you will become smarter than Isaac Newton, Niels Bohr, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and everyone you know. Well, it didn’t work for me.

This was just silly. The author proposes a non-relativistic background discrete fluid which effects and explains everything, but is, itself, completely undetectable, a new magical-ghost-ether. Although there is indeed trouble in modern physics, this solution is just silly. It is easy to propose a new ether, but you must then successfully address all the good reasons we abandoned ether. It quickly becomes clear the author only cares about having a simple model – it does not seem to matter that the model is inconsistent with experiments. The author simply ignores relativity and entanglement (as those would be very sticky for his theory.)

Early in the book the author explains that “Why” is important in science and illustrates this by describing “Why” water boils. Unfortunately, the author just guesses why water boils, and guesses incorrectly (not too surprising as the author appears to have no science background). He indicates that the electrons in the molecules expand their orbits. Great guess, but that is not what actually happens. That is the problem with guessing…you get an answer that is consistent with your own preexisting beliefs, and if you don’t check out your guess with an experiment, you will continue to believe your bad guess.

The narration is both pleasant and clear, but does not make the material make any sense.
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- Michael

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-25-2016
  • Publisher: Fulcrum Press