The Unobservable Universe

  • by Scott M. Tyson
  • Narrated by Scott M. Tyson
  • 14 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Were ancient Greek philosophers right about reality being only an illusion? What was really the biggest blunder of Einstein's life? Is everything we've been taught about the universe incorrect? In The Unobservable Universe, visionary scientist and engineer Scott M. Tyson successfully unravels cosmology from the level of rocket science and brings it down to Earth, demystifying the universe in terms that laymen can comprehend and enjoy, splitting atoms but not hairs on this magical mystery tour of the outback of time and space.
Tapping nearly three millennia of scientific philosophy and drawing upon his three decades as a prolific researcher, brilliant scientist and inspiring writer, Tyson artfully deconstructs key misunderstandings that modern science inadvertently continues to embrace - unraveling the inconsistencies and paradoxes emerging from contemporary science and science philosophy, dissecting complex principles and debunking long-held premises with illustrative examples to expose vital new insights. His provocative theories, supported with pragmatic anecdotes and symbolic metaphors, translate quantum physics into a master blueprint for all cosmology readers to examine, explore and contemplate.
Tyson effectively illustrates the meaning of perceptions in a way that will prompt scientists to fundamentally rethink preconceived notions and consider new possibilities. He guides readers in a bold, new direction that provides a coherent framework in which they can truly understand the universe and the underlying Theory of Everything. Informative and illuminating, this groundbreaking book's lively style provides an enlightening and entertaining page-turner, laced with a brilliant combination of compelling theory, solid research, simple analogy, contagious enthusiasm and enough humor to break a smile on the faces of even the most serious cosmologists. Tyson propels readers toward a new state of thinking, with a greater awareness and understanding of the mysteries of the universe that more accurately reflects its truths and realities. As a benchmark for cosmology, The Unobservable Universe will forever change the way we look at our world.


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Wikipedia + Mushrooms ??

Written in three weeks this is a hodge-podge of philosophy and misinterpreted history of science. There are no clear testable hypotheses. There are so many scientific misstatements it is hard to know where to start. I guess most importantly is the author???s repeated claim that the Copenhagen interpretation of QM states that things that are not measured don???t exist. What the CE of QM really says is ???No statement can be validly made about the unmeasured.??? This is because QM is not a model of the universe; it is a model of our measurement of the universe. The author (like many others) misstates the twin paradox. He proposes a faster than light communication method that is not well thought through (and would yield a breakdown of causality). He hints at harvesting vast energy from an unobservable parallel universe. He ???resolves??? the EPR paradox by referring to some kind of mysterious extra-dimensional adjacency, which is then not followed up. He depends upon QM, yet treats wave-functions as real, while QM explicitly does not. He does seem to consider, let alone challenge, potential weaknesses of his ideas; He glosses over entropy & causality issues, and his ???unification??? of General Relativity is too vague to be testable. Instead read Penrose???s ???Cycles of Time??? and Simolin???s ???The Trouble with Physics??? and Gilder???s ???The Age of Entanglement???. The only thing I found really interesting about this book is the human story behind the author writing the book.
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- Michael "I focus on fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, science, history, politics and read a lot. I try to review everything I read."


Would you try another book from Scott M. Tyson and/or Scott M. Tyson?

No. I was hoping for a book along the lines of A Short History of Nealy Everything. but that is NOT what this book is about. Instead, it is the rather belicose tale of Scott M. Tyson and how he has taken on the scientific community.

What could Scott M. Tyson have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

Acutally make the book worth the description. THis is one book I would really like my money back on.

What didn’t you like about Scott M. Tyson’s performance?

Annoying voice, almost plaintiff. Constantly trying to pump himself up rather than get on with the book.

You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?

No, although the completely over the top, hilarity of the "publishers' review of the Scott M. Tyson transcript will go down in the annals of most overblown expectations ever. Why we had to sit through that must be becasue Scott loves to hear it. Nothing short of all publishing of books regarding science were supposed to stop based on this "breakthrough" book. Pure pap. I would have been embarrassed to have my mother write that chapter, much less include it in the book proper. .

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- Erin

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-31-2012
  • Publisher: Galaxia Way