The Divided Mind

  • by John E. Sarno
  • Narrated by Paul Hecht, James Boles
  • 6 hrs and 23 mins
  • Abridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Divided Mind is the crowning achievement of Dr. John E. Sarno's long and successful career as a groundbreaking medical pioneer. While his earlier books dealt almost exclusively with musculoskeletal pain disorders, here Dr. Sarno addresses the entire spectrum of psychosomatic (mind-body) disorders. In Dr. Sarno's view, the crucial interaction between the reasonable, rational, ethical, moral conscious mind and the repressed feelings of emotional pain, hurt, sadness, and anger characteristic of the unconscious mind is the basis for many mind-body disorders. The Divided Mind traces the history of psychosomatic medicine, including Freud's crucial role as well as his failures. Most important, it describes the psychology of the human condition that is responsible for the broad range of psychosomatic illness. Dr. Sarno believes that the failure of medicine's practitioners to recognize and appropriately treat mind-body disorders has produced public health and economic problems of major proportions in the United States. One of the most interesting and important aspects of psychosomatic phenomena is the fact that knowledge and awareness of the process clearly have healing powers.


What the Critics Say

"Dr. Sarno brilliantly explores the chasm between the conscious and unconscious minds, where psychosomatic ailments originate." (Mehmet Oz, M.D., co-author of You: The Owner's Manual)


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Customer Reviews

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Divided Opinion

I've held off weighing in with my opinion of this interesting book because I am so divided...part of me says belief should be based in empirical evidence, but a larger part of me argues that science still doesn't have their thumb on the whole mind/body connection--and I'm not yet ready to land completely on either side. There is a lot of research going on that is showing more connection than conflict with these two opposing views. Since minds far greater than mine are on it, I feel perfectly fine with my fence straddling for the time being!

My experience with this book--it reminded me a bit of what I call the Secret Dilema: 'so, if I don't live in a mansion and drive great cars, does that mean I am not good at creating the life of my dreams?' And, the broad statements that suppressed emotions cause our physical pains ('is it my own inabilities that cause my disease?--wow I REALLY suck') were a bit condemming. The repeated reminders that, "the conclusions here are not based on arm-chair deductions. They are the results of many years of experience with thousands of patients..." almost seemed to disqualify some of the information contained in the book; and there is some good mind/body information here. Carolyn Myss has been writing on this subject for years.

I've read a lot of reviews (here and on other sites as well) that are "testimonials", and of course the counter-testimonials, the Freudians views, the Jungians, etc. Carl Jung said, "The shoe that fits one person, pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases." Apply that wisdom in choosing this book's philosophy for yourself. There is no way to say this is a good book, or a bad'll just have to try it on, walk around with it, see how it feels.
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- Mel

mind/body connection

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago, I can truly say- this book is a miracle. I was in horrible pain when I downloaded it yesterday. Tonight I feel like I could climb a mountain. Actually I am pretty sure I did. I thought I had cracked a rib, and I planed to see my doctor in the morning. Now, I'm going swimming instead.
PLEASE - if you are suffering any pain - give this book 6 hours and 23 minutes of your life. You've tried everything else.

My Mother died last year. We didn't have a good relationship. I was at the grocery store this week trying not to see all the people buying Mother's Day flowers, cards , and gifts. Is it a coincidence that I was in my bed crying on Mother's Day - using my Ten's unit for the pain? I already knew that I had a lot of unresolved issues with myself and my life, but I really thought I was getting them nicely under control.
Because of "The Divided Mind" I feel a weight has been lifted off of me.
I will be buying a hard copy of Dr. Sarno's book. This is an abridged version - I want to read every word.
I know I sound insane. I remember seeing John Stossel on 20/20 saying Dr. Sarno cured his back pain. At the time I thought it was the power of suggestion.
Well- I definitely suggest you give this book a chance to change your life. What do you have to loose - except your pain?
I don't care if the pain comes back. I feel empowered to deal with it.
Happy Mother's Day - I have to go have a conversation with my brain now.
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- Alexandra

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-05-2006
  • Publisher: Audio Evolution