The Aging Brain : The Great Courses: Better Living

  • by The Great Courses
  • Narrated by Professor Thad A. Polk
  • Series: The Great Courses: Better Living
  • 6 hrs and 18 mins
  • Lecture

Publisher's Summary

We're all getting older every day, and scientific research has shown that starting in our 20s, some brain functions begin a linear decline. But is old age all doom and gloom?
Not at all! While it's true that some functions in the aging brain decline, neuroscientists have discovered that many other brain functions remain stable - or even improve - as we age. Furthermore, nurture plays as significant a role as nature, and there are a number of strategies you can implement to stave off declining brain function, including:

Incorporating physical activity into your routine
Eating a healthy diet
Maintaining a vibrant social life
Reducing your stress

The science behind the aging brain tells a fascinating - and often counterintuitive - story. Is "aging" a disease or merely a natural occurrence that produces disease-like symptoms? If humans are biologically programmed to survive and thrive, why do we age at all? Is it possible (or even desirable) to "cure" aging altogether?
Delve into these questions and more in The Aging Brain. Taught by a neuroscientist and award-winning professor at the University of Michigan, these 12 eye-opening lectures will give you a wealth of new insights into what happens to the brain over time - as well as strategies to mitigate the effects of aging and enhance your quality of life into old age.
With a mix of scientific research and practical applications, Professor Polk brings cutting-edge science to life. He takes you down to the cellular and even molecular levels of the brain to show you why certain functions decline, how some aspects of brain aging are under genetic control, and what you can do to prolong your health and keep your mind sharp. Aging affects us all, but you have some control over how it affects you.


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Customer Reviews

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Getting Older Smarter!

Great course; should be required listening for everyone under thirty. They might arrive at my age (77) in better shape than I did. Great instructor ... really made lectures interesting.
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- Hadley V. Stacey

Great Info and Not Just For The Old Folks!

This course is short, concise yet full of information on how aging affects the brain and what we can do to increase our health and live longer and happier lives. Don't think you should put off reading this until you reach old age. Some of our brain functions start their decline from the young age of 20. You are not what you used to be, even at the age of 30! Who knew?

What I came away with is that we can attempt to increase our lifespan and our quality of life by learning from some of the longest lived societies in the world. They all seem to share some commonalities that may be responsible for their health and longevity. Some of these repeating life style patterns are increased physical activity, decreased stress, having an active social life, a propensity to eat less (than us Americans, with our seconds and thirds), and eating a Mediterranean diet.

Knowing this, you can start with little changes, which is what I am attempting. I did not go into this listen thinking it was a self-help book. I shy away from those. But this Great Course is so much more than that. I highly encourage everyone to listen to Professor Polk. He is a great lecturer who seems to really know his stuff.

Go for it!
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- Kathy

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  • Release Date: 06-24-2016
  • Publisher: The Great Courses