Icons of Evolution

  • by Jonathan Wells
  • Narrated by Barry Campbell
  • 6 hrs and 54 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Everything you were taught about evolution is wrong. In this shocking book, Berkeley-educated doctor of biology Jonathan Wells lets you in on scientific discoveries you won't learn about from college and high-school textbooks - and reveals a dirty little secret known only to some of his fellow biologists.
The best-known "icons" of evolution - from pictures of apes evolving into humans, to comparisons of fish and human embryos, to moths on tree trunks - are false or misleading. For decades, biology students have been taught things about evolution that are simply untrue.
These icons of evolution appear even in the most recent textbooks, although the scientific literature is full of evidence that they are false. Apparently, dogmatic promoters of Darwinian evolution fear that without these icons, public faith in their claims will disappear, so they knowingly misinform our children and suppress scientific evidence.


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This book isn't about creationism

This is one is that the books that you are a probably guess what's inside of it before you buy, but if the titles not quite clear enough. This isn't whether God created the world or anything. This is a bout the actual scientific pictures and icons that are taught in school about evolution are factually incorrect. It doesn't give you an alternative, well if they're wrong then it clearly means the other side's right. It's just saying what's wrong. It tries to remain as objective as it can on such a charge subject as evolution. So even if you're for evolution and against creationism or whatever. I suggest at least looking at this one because the facts in it are pretty sound well-documented and verifiable. It doesn't say one view is right over the other. It just says the straight facts.
Be warned, however it is slightly politically charged as the subject naturally will be and the author has had some bad experiences and has stories about other people's bad experiences when they were ostracized because of it.
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- Joseph "I'm travel alot and auido books are my moble home. I seem to be hooked on them and there is rarely a time that there not on for me."


This is an excellent book and definitely worth a listen to anyone who is interested in the Evolution contraversy.

Jonathan's clear and logical presentation with strong scientific evidence helped me see this issue in a much clearer light.
I emerged feeling disgusted that I was deceived by the school system and others are being deceived today. The scientific evidence supporting Darwinian/Macro evolution is deceptive at best and downright fraudulent at worst. The evolutionists attempts to prove that our great ...great grandfather was a self replicating molecule have met with disaster time and time again. Instead of acknowledging this truth they cover it up using more tricks than politicians,

This should be mandaroty listening for all evolutionary students and educators so that we bring back scientific rigor into the classroom.
Full application of the scientific method as opposed to the half truths and exagerations being peddaled with the mantra of "mountains of evidence prooving evolution". Jonathan scrutinizes the key evidences (icons) in this book - and it becomes clear that the mantra is hollow and devoid of scientific substance.

I strongly recommend this book
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- Theo Tsourdalakis

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-13-2012
  • Publisher: Regnery Publishing