• by Thomas W. Campbell
  • Narrated by Thomas W. Campbell
  • 15 hrs and 44 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

My Big TOE, written by a nuclear physicist in the language of contemporary culture, unifies science and philosophy, physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, purpose and meaning, the normal and the paranormal. The entirety of human experience (mind, body, and spirit) including both our objective and subjective worlds is brought together under one seamless scientific understanding.
Book 2: Discovery
Section 3 develops the interface and interaction between we the people and our digital consciousness reality. It derives and explains the characteristics, origins, dynamics, and function of ego, love, and free will. It derives our larger purpose. Finally, Section 3 develops the psi uncertainty principle as it explains and interrelates psi phenomena, free will, love, consciousness evolution, reality, human purpose, entropy and physics.
Section 4 lays out an operational and functional model of consciousness that further develops the results of Section 3 and supports the conclusions of Section 5. The origins and nature of digital consciousness are described. Our physical universe, our science, and our perception of a physical reality are logically derived. The mind-matter dichotomy is solved as physical reality is directly derived from the nature of digital consciousness.


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Customer Reviews

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A guidebook to a bigger reality & realization

I'm already on a repeat listen of Discovery. There's too much information to absorb, and as Tom Campbell described once, "It's like drinking from a firehose"

This information on how our reality is constructed, who we are, what is the big picture - including that very large part that most of us aren't aware of, why we are here, how our choices and behavior matter . . . it's important information to me.

When I think, however, of the people in my life that I would like to share this information with, or recommend this book to . . . I realize that this isn't going to be of interest to them. They aren't looking for explanations . . . at least at this time. And, ten years ago when this book first came out . . . I wouldn't have been interested in it.

So, I'd recommend this book to someone who wonders about things, wants to know how things work, thinks about the Who, What and Why of things.

Thankfully, the author is a person who has a good, if slightly wacky, sense of humor and that makes the trek easier and the journey a lighthearted one.

I bought the paperback trilogy, but found it hard to read. The Audible version is delightful because Tom Campbell's voice is intelligent and warm and he tells his corny jokes with no shame whatsoever. He made me laugh and smile at times, but most of the time I just try to keep up and absorb information about Consciousness, Physical Reality, Non-Physical Reality, and why, what and who we are.

The information he provides is very valuable.
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- Diana

Thought provoking but not an easy read.

Requires patience and the willingness to replay the more challenging concepts. The additional insight is worth it in the end.
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- Seeker

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-31-2013
  • Publisher: Thomas W. Campbell