• by Devra Davis
  • Narrated by Emily Durante
  • 8 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Devra Davis presents a range of recent and long-suppressed research in this timely bombshell. Cell phone radiation is a national emergency. Stunningly, the most popular gadget of our age has now been shown to damage DNA, break down the brain's defenses, and reduce sperm count while increasing memory loss, the risk of Alzheimer's disease, and even cancer. The growing brains of children make them especially vulnerable. And half of the world's four billion cell phone users are under 20.
Davis, the founding director of the toxicology and environmental studies board at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, takes listeners through the dark side of this trillion-dollar industry.
Health experts have long been frozen out of policy-making decisions about cell phones; federal regulatory standards are set by the cell phone industry itself. Cell-phone manufacturers have borrowed the playbook of the tobacco industry. One secret memo reveals their war plan against reports of cell phone dangers. Among a host of fascinating characters, Davis introduces Om P. Gandhi, a world expert on how cell phone radiation penetrates the human brain. Once a consultant to major cell-phone companies, Gandhi now refuses to work with them.
We also meet Franz Adlkofer, who led the multi-lab study that showed once and for all that brain cell DNA is unraveled by cell phone microwave radiation - and, as Davis dramatically portrays, it nearly cost him his career.
As this eye-opening call to action shows, we can make safer cell phones now. Why would we put our children at risk of a devastating epidemic of brain illness in the years to come?


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Customer Reviews

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Important reading

I love this book. The health effects of RF EMF wireless transmitters should be known by everyone. It is proven that the technology used in cell phones and smart meters alters glucose functions in living cells and probably can affect protein folding as well as DNA replication. RF Electromagnetic fields alters the electric activity of the cell in neurons. Lawyers and politicians and engineers should not be making the decisions about cell phones nor should they be allowed to force smart meters on the American people. The vast majority of people don’t know about the effects of cell phones and smart meters and they need to be informed. The book doesn't go into a lot of electrobiology nor does it mention smart meters. But it gives plenty of great information. This book is beautifully written, very informative and you don’t need to be biology major to enjoy it. And this is one case where the author is a masterful reader. Again, I love this book. I can't say enough about it.
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- Letta Mego

Eye Opener

This is a must listen to everyone using cell phone devices. This audio book will make you wonder why the public is not being made more aware of the dangers of using this technology,with out a blue tooth device. I had no idea of the corporate battles that raged of scientist vs big cellular phone corporations. Devra Davis and everyone involved should be commended in putting together a well documented presentation. Since listening to the audio book i have tried to make others aware of the devices and how to properly use them. Keep cell phones away from the head of children! I have checked the boxes of many cell phones and i still don't see any warnings about the radiation leakage from the phones.
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- Lee

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-23-2010
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio