Back to Normal

  • by Enrico Gnaulati
  • Narrated by Matthew Kugler
  • 8 hrs and 36 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A veteran clinical psychologist exposes why doctors, teachers, and parents incorrectly diagnose healthy American children with serious psychiatric conditions.
<.p>In recent years there has been an alarming rise in the number of American children and youth assigned a mental health diagnosis. Current data from the Centers for Disease Control reveal a 41 percent increase in rates of ADHD diagnoses over the past decade and a forty-fold spike in bipolar disorder diagnoses. Similarly, diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder has increased by 78 percent since 2002.
Dr. Enrico Gnaulati, a clinical psychologist specializing in childhood and adolescent therapy and assessment, has witnessed firsthand the push to diagnose these disorders in youngsters. Drawing both on his own clinical experience and on cutting-edge research, with Back to Normal he has written the definitive account of why our kids are being dramatically overdiagnosed - and how parents and professionals can distinguish between true psychiatric disorders and normal childhood reactions to stressful life situations.
Gnaulati begins with the complex web of factors that have led to our current crisis. These include questionable education and training practices that cloud mental health professionals' ability to distinguish normal from abnormal behavior in children, monetary incentives favoring prescriptions, check-list diagnosing, and high-stakes testing in schools. We've also developed an increasingly casual attitude about labeling kids and putting them on psychiatric drugs.
So how do we differentiate between a child with, say, Asperger's syndrome and a child who is simply introverted, brainy, and single-minded? As Gnaulati notes, many of the symptoms associated with these disorders are similar to everyday childhood behaviors. In the second half of the book Gnaulati tells detailed stories of wrongly diagnosed kids, providing parents and others with information about the developmental, temperamental, and environmentally driven symptoms that to a casual or untrained eye can mimic a psychiatric disorder.
These stories also reveal how nonmedical interventions, whether in the therapist's office or through changes made at home, can help children.
Back to Normal reminds us of the normalcy of children's seemingly abnormal behavior. It will give parents of struggling children hope, perspective, and direction. And it will make everyone who deals with children question the changes in our society that have contributed to the astonishing increase in childhood psychiatric diagnoses.


Audible Editor Reviews

Narrator Matthew Kugler will remind listeners of the friendly guy next door, and his frank, unrushed performance helps hammer home Dr. Enrico Gnaulati's startling assertion that doctors, teachers, and parents have been incorrectly diagnosing healthy American children with serious psychological disorders. A clinical psychologist specializing in childhood and adolescent therapy and assessment, Dr. Gnaulati reveals how normal childhood behavior can appear to be a symptom of a mental disorder to the untrained eye. This audiobook gives a much-needed sense of perspective and direction to anyone who regularly interacts with children.


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surprisingly useful and specific

My expectation for this book was that it was going to be filled with generalities about how kids in our times are being overdiagnosed with a variety of psychological disorders. And the introduction of this book does indeed feel that way. But what was surprising, was the number of specific cases that Dr. Gnaulati discusses in his book. In chapter 8 he discusses a boy whom he called William, and who had been classified with Autism. Dr. Gnaulati convincingly explains the difference between a clinical case of Autism and a introverted, assertive, smart boy which is what William turns out to be. By grounding his explanation in a specific experience, he puts us inside his mind and teaches how to think about these issues.
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- SaturdayDad

A must read for every teacher, pediatrician and parent--particularly regarding boys

This book addresses commonsense approaches to typical boyhood behaviors. Interesting and informative on every page!
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- Educational Access Wanted

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  • Release Date: 09-17-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios