Zombie Fallout 8 : Zombie Fallout

  • by Mark Tufo
  • Narrated by Sean Runnette
  • Series: Zombie Fallout
  • 10 hrs and 35 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Mike and his family escaped a vast zombie horde to find themselves imprisoned by a clandestine group that seeks global domination by the most nefarious means possible. Help is coming, in the form of a 500-year-old PopTart-loving vampire named Tommy. Will he be enough to get the Talbots to freedom or will he succumb to monsters new and old? On top of all this Mike discovers that he is in the crosshairs of an ancient enemy and it is only a matter of time until the final showdown.


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Talbot at his best! Again!

I drive truck, and I spend about 12 hours a day in my truck. When you spend so much time alone, you have to keep your mind occupied anyway you can. Thank God for my Iphone! It has allowed me to listen to lectures on every subject from law and justice, to the future of the human race. Sometimes, instead of learning, I like to spend my time in an escape that is provided by the great minds on Audible.
I have bought over 300 books on audible. Mostly I have bought novels by vince flynn, Michael.connelly, etc. Never really was into the horror fantasy genra before. But Mark Tufo changed that.
Zombie fallout 8 is a GREAT read. And like most of the books that Mark Tufo writes, you could, pick it up and read it and not be lost. But you would be doing yourself a great dis-service if you did that. You need to buy the rest and listen to them or read them in order to truly get the full enjoyment out the authors works.
If you are thinking that zombie books are for people with an IQ below 40, or rednecks, on that, with some of the drivel that people put out, I would agree with you. If you are thinking of reading any zombie book, you owe it to yourself to start with this series. You will be hooked! The main character (Mike Talbot) is a normal,(for the most part) guy, who could be the guy next door that you have BBQ with in the summer, and comes over to help you drink beer. The character development for all the characters is incredible. And the narrator, Sean Runatte, brings out every nuance and detail of the story perfectly. Seans inflections, and his voice is a HUGE part of the audio books ease of listening to.
If you read or listen to this series, then you will want to listen to the indian hill series, and spirit clearing.
Most authors, I think, Seem lost when they go from one writing subject to another. Mark Tufo does it with incredible ease. His Indian Hills series is awesome. And its on another subject I never cared to listen to before. Aliens.
Because of Mark Tufos works, I am listening to other books with aliens and zombies. I have quit comparing them to Tufos books, it really doesn't seem fair. Its like comparing monets work, to what I can do with crayolas.
In short, if you are on the fence about trying this type of book, start the series, and hang on, it's a hell of a ride!!
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- Ray

Mr. Tufo, we have got to keep meeting like this.

Last time we saw Clan Talbot; Mike, BT, Tripp, and the rest of the family were being pulled into and helicopter and sedated, while Tommy was falling to the ground into a giant horde of zombies. Mike's lifelong friend, Dennis, had this misfortune crossing paths with Mrs. Deneaux. Who, to no one's surprise, ends up double-crossed and in a jail cell.

Now Mike is trapped in a box of iron bars. On the bright side, he has his old buddy Dennis for company. However, he has no idea what has come of his family. (*Spoiler Alert* He is not happy about it.) Enter Dixon Hauss, the man behind the tainted flu vaccine, and power hungry ego-maniac with a god complex; he wants Talbot's blood and he'll do whatever it takes, including threatening Mike's family. (*Spoiler Alert* This does not change his.) Fast forward a couple hours; Tommy has infiltrated the building, Mike's family is in a car and heading out of harm's way, and Mr. Talbot has a gun and a couple hostages. Of course with Mike Talbot, you know things can't stay in his favor for long. Low and behold, just in time to ruin all his fun, Vivian Deneaux's voice creaks over the intercom system. (*Spoil....well, I think you get the picture.) With Dixon hoodwinked by Deneaux, Mike's only friends are his enemies. Tommy and Mike must make their way out of a secured facility with the only aid being that of the man trying to rule the world and his lackey for hire while surrounded by trained mercenaries trying to kill them; sounds about right. Meanwhile, Tracy and the rest of the gang cross paths with a historical faction that have a plan that may very well risk Mike and Tommy's lives.

I am all but certain I have said this on more than one Zombie Fallout review, but I love this series! I will probably type out the same exact phrase when I review the upcoming Book 9. It is such a fun series; it's full of action, always has an entertaining plot, changes things up for variety, and has some of the deepest characters that I have read. That is what draws me back every time, the characters. Mark Tufo has some of the most underappreciated writing skills that I have had the pleasure of consuming. I don't know why they don’t, but more people should know his name. My favorite aspect is his exceptional grasp of human emotion. He understands why things are important. It's apparent in every flashback, every reunion with a loved one, every death. He knows the location of every sad button and funny bone. Add to that the dialogue between any two of the Talbot family, extended family included, which is delightful. Some light-hearted ribbing, a little (okay, a lot) of dark humor but most of all, love and connection. All of that is delivered with perfection by the narrator, Sean Runette.

I'm convinced Sean Runette and Marc Tufo are twins separated at birth, or soul mates of some kind. Runette delivers the words with the same passion that they are written, adding more feeling and depth to a world already chalk full of both. I have nothing negative to say about his narration; he delivers consistent performances throughout every book, there is no background noise or unwanted sounds, and the production quality is as good as any I have heard. Podium Pu

All-in-all this is a series that needs to be checked out by pretty much anyone. If the zombie niche isn’t your thing, I suggest listening to book one with an open mind, by the end you will have a relationship with the characters that you won’t want to end. While the series seemingly starts as somewhat cliche zombie book, it quickly evolves into a very deep and emotional rollercoaster ride of enjoyment.

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Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-17-2014
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing