Z Children: Awakening, Book 1 : Z Children

  • by Eli Constant, B.V. Barr
  • Narrated by Johnny Mack
  • Series: Z Children
  • 7 hrs and 15 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Our kids are no longer our future. They're our demise.
Humanity's advancements in medicine, meant to eliminate disease and extend life, have led to a macabre reality of childhood vaccinations gone terribly wrong. Kids have transformed, changed into ravenous beasts that are nightmarishly quick, disproportionally strong, and void of empathy. No amount of planning or preparation could have saved the human race against this unexpected attack, centralized in the heart of every human home, and the US is quickly thrown into a chaos of Z Children. By the end of the first day, the entire world is jolted into a veritable hell on earth. Yet, there are survivors - individuals who, by luck, skill, or circumstance, lived through the initial wave of destruction. These 'lucky' ones will join together, bonded in their quest for survival. They will try to maintain their humanity in a world where children have graduated from bubble baths to blood baths. And they will try to find an answer to the only question that matters: What will tomorrow bring?


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Customer Reviews

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Surprised that I loved it so much!

Any additional comments?

First, let me note that I received this audiobook for free through AudibookBoom, in exchange for an honest review. So I really wasn't expecting much. So many authors are jumping on the zombie band wagon, turning out pretty poor imitations of the greats. But I was bored, nothing to listen to, and there was this book that I could listen to for free. So why not?
Zombie children?.....yah, I wasn't expecting much. But I absolutely LOVED it! I turned it on and didn't stop until the 6 hour, 11 minute mark! (I fell asleep at 2 a.m.) Got up the following day and finished the remaining hour. I couldn't put it down. If book 2 was out, I would have immediately paid a full $15 audible credit for it!
I won't go into details about the story line. I'll just keep it short with: All of the children that got their vaccinations, turned into zombies. Boom, the zombie apocalypse.
There were just a few, tiny little details that needed editing. I'm only mentioning them, so that if the author reads this, he can make sure to maybe have someone else proofread the next book. A female character was listening to her mom's voice mail, that she's listened to a hundred times because her mom died a month after leaving it. A short while later in the book, this character is talking about her parents currently being in a retirement home/community and hope they'll be ok during the zombie outbreak. Mom died a little while back, so she can't be in the retirement home now.

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Zombie Children.

Ok, I admit, I wasn't too sure about this when I first saw it because I always have a hard time with Zombie kids, but it sounded good and had some amazing reviews. So anyway, I started it with trepidation but found myself devouring it!!!

How the virus came to be was unique. It is easy to imagine it happening. Seeing the kids go from being sick and turning into monsters was hard but it was so well done and so well written that it made for an amazing book.

I adored all the characters! Susan, with the help of her dad, is taking her two kids to the doctors for their injections, but once there, she sees the place is packed with sick kids. She waits for a while but when a child bites someone and things escalate, she grabs her kids and her father and gets out of there, but where can they go when it seems that kids everywhere are turning into monsters?

Sherry, Susan's best friend, owns a kids clothing store and is opening up when a mum comes in with her kids. One of them had gotten sick all over himself on the way to school so she stopped at the shop to pick up something. Sherry notices that some of the kids look really ill, but it's not till one starts attaching the mum that Sherry realises things are bad. The child that got sick initially seems ok, so Sherry grabs him and they try to escape.

We also have a drifter and his dog, a young girl who has had a hard life but is forced to do things to survive, a martial arts/fitness instructor and a doctor. All of these experience the outbreak in different ways and all have to survive a world gone mad.

Anyway, this book was heartbreaking because I couldn't imagine something like this happening to my kids, but it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. It's bad enough reading or watching a movie that has scary ass kids in it, but reading a book with scary ass, smart, strong Zombie kids in it, just gave me the heebie jeebies!!! I literally couldn't put this down because I had to see what happened next, it was so well written and developed and I devoured it!!! That ending though!!! I need the next one!! Highly recommend.

Johnny Mack read this really well. Most of the characters were female but it didn't matter. The narrator made this play out as a movie in my head. I never once thought that a female narrator would be better. He had plenty of tones and cadences and his female tones were amazing actually!! Thoroughly enjoyed his performance!

I was voluntarily provided this audiobook for free from the author, narrator, or publisher. This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts.

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- Natalie @ BookLoversLife

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-16-2016
  • Publisher: Cosmo Constant Books, E Constant