Z-Burbia : Z-Burbia

  • by Jake Bible
  • Narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen
  • Series: Z-Burbia
  • 6 hrs and 42 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Whispering Pines is a classic, quiet, private American subdivision on the edge of Asheville, NC, set in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains. Which is good since the zombie apocalypse has come to Western North Carolina and really put suburban living to the test! Surrounded by a sea of the undead, the residents of Whispering Pines have adapted their bucolic life of block parties to scavenging parties, common area groundskeeping to immediate area warfare, neighborhood beautification to neighborhood fortification. But, even in the best of times, suburban living has its ups and downs what with nosy neighbors, a strict Home Owners' Association, and a property management company that believes the words "strict interpretation" are holy words when applied to the HOA covenants. Now with the zombie apocalypse upon them even those innocuous, daily irritations quickly become dramatic struggles for personal identity, family security, and straight up survival. Welcome to normal life in Z-Burbia!


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Customer Reviews

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Are These Reviews Legit?

Would you try another book from Jake Bible and/or Andrew B. Wehrlen?

Absolutely not!

What was most disappointing about Jake Bible’s story?

Everything! The author tried to be cute and funny, but it just kept falling flat, time after time. There were just ridiculous scenes that were unbelievable.....like, she reach out, grabbed his tongue (this is a 90 -100 GIRL by the way, doing this to a full grown male soldier who's in no way incapacitated) tore out the man's tongue with her own hand in one yank, all the while he's not fighting or trying to shut his mouth, then she plops this big tongue into her mouth and starts snacking on it.
And there was another scene, when the main bad guy comes to the gate. He tells what all he's going to do, all the bad things, "be prepared, I will be back at this specific time to rape, murder and pillage and this will be MY home. By the way, here's your best friend that I have tied up....watch while I kill him." And NO ONE does anything to him. They just watch and listen....all of these people with guns and no one attempts to shoot him between the eyes. He wasn't in an armed tank or anything.....no guards. Seriously?
And the main character....everyone wants to follow him (at least all of the good guys with guns, soldiers, intelligence, food, farm, etc.) everyone wants to put all of their faith into him. They'll die for this man, and many do while following or protecting him. And the only reason, is because he can come up with ideas. What? Everyone says, "I heard you're a thinker....So and so told me that you're smart.....I heard you can come up with ideas." ?????? What did he come up with? I remember something from the first of the book where he thought of a way to do something.....nothing much....it was something like how to keep his tv working, maybe?
And the worse part.....the worse, most hated character of the book, the back stabber who ruined life for EVERYONE and sold everyone out to the bad guys......Uh, is re-elected to lead these people. Even worse, she sold the main character out of the bad guy, allowed his best bud to get murdered by him, sold the whole town out, and she's now at the farm, going to be leader, and he and is family isn't plotting to put her head on a pole?

How did the narrator detract from the book?

Well, honestly, I don't know if the narrator was really that bad, because the book was just horrible. Guilt by association maybe? (But he did sound pretty bad)

Any additional comments?

Zombie audiobooks are my #1 genre. I have listened to just about all of them. (I quite often listen to 1 book per day) I just can't believe that these reviews are legit. This is close to the bottom of my list, if not at the very bottom of my list of worse books.

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Finally after 200+ books im ready to review

I am one to weigh heavily on reviews before I use a precious credit to purchase an audio book. I sometimes spend days frantically looking for the next book to listen to, while still listening, and getting close to finishing, a book in my library. I took a chance with Z Burbia, since there was only 4 reviews. The chance paid off. The story was great right from the start, and the narrator had the voice to portray the sarcasm to go right along with it. If you are a fan of Mark Tufo, you will love Jake bible. Give it a chance, like me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Now off to purchase the 2nd Zburbia,
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- David "I've been with audible now for over 5 years, & am proud to say that I have almost 500 books in my, to me, precious library. Audible 4 life!!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-06-2014
  • Publisher: Jake Bible