Worldwar: Striking the Balance : Worldwar

  • by Harry Turtledove
  • Narrated by Todd McLaren
  • Series: Worldwar
  • 25 hrs and 36 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

At the bloody height of World War II, the deadliest enemies in all of human history were forced to put aside their hatreds and unite against an even fiercer foe: a seemingly invincible power bent on world domination.
With awesome technology, the aggressors swept across the planet, sowing destruction as Tokyo, Berlin, and Washington, D.C., were A-bombed into submission. Russia, Nazi Germany, Japan, and the United States were not easily cowed, however. With cunning and incredible daring, they pressed every advantage against the invaders' superior strength and, led by Stalin, began to detonate their own atom bombs in retaliation.
City after city explodes in radioactive firestorms, and fears grow as the worldwide resources disappear; will there be any world left for the invaders to conquer or for the uneasy allies to defend? While Mao Tse-tung wages a desperate guerrilla war and Hitler drives his country toward self-destruction, U.S. forces frantically try to stop the enemy's push from coast to coast. Yet in this battle to stave off world domination, unless the once-great military powers take the risk of annihilating the human race, they'll risk losing the war.
The fatal, final deadline arrives in Harry Turtledove's grand, smashing finale to the Worldwar series, as uneasy allies desperately seek a way out of a no-win, no-survival situation: a way to live free in a world that may soon be bombed into atomic oblivion.


What the Critics Say

"A cast of thousands with a plot to match, well-drawn...aliens, a wealth of fascinating speculation." (Kirkus)


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Customer Reviews

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Good book - Audible STINKS!

Any additional comments?

No where in the description does Audible make it clear this is the FOURTH book in the series...I thought it was the third. Is it really so hard, Audible, to figure out that folks will want to listen to the books in order and that you need to clearly state what that order is in the description?

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- Ed

Interesting Idea Never Fulfilled-Entire Series

Spoiler AIert-If you plan on reading the entire series, you may want to skip this review. The idea is interesting and, in the first book, very promising. But as the series develops, some of the characters develop personality aspects that are farfetched if not outright ridiculous. For instance, one character develops the personality of a serial killer without any of the known aspects that make up a serial killer's psyche. One minute, he's a normal guy, the next, he's getting aroused by killing people - no tormented childhood, no psychopathic tendencies. It's ridiculous.

Another problem is all the porn. We don't need detailed accounts of the characters sex lives to move the story forward. We know they had sex, we don't need the graphic details any more than we need to know the length and consistency of their bowel movements. (Thank heaven for fast forward.)

The author, while having a good grasp of the mechanics of the war (dates, battles, names of major players) doesn't seem to be aware of the character of that generation. He puts modern attitudes into mid-twentieth century people and it just doesn't work. It makes me wonder if he knew anyone from that generation. At one point, the humans are gaining the upper hand and they know it, then they just decide to sue for peace. It would never have occurred to that generation to simply stop when they had the upper hand. They didn't think like that.

As the series went on, there was no resolution to the story lines. For some characters, we're simply told they died some time ago. For others, they have one child and no more (definitely not how people, especially that generation, behave after a war).

In conclusion, it appears the author fell in love with his alien characters and simply forgot that there was a story to tell. He wanted to keep his aliens going and write graphic sex scenes and that's about all he did.

I would not recommend this series to anyone. Further, I won't be reading anything else by this author.
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- Ramona

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-29-2011
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio