Wizard Omega : Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles

  • by Rodney Hartman
  • Narrated by Guy Williams
  • Series: Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles
  • 17 hrs and 22 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Wizard scouts were once the elite, deep-recon forces of the Intergalactic Empire. But now they are a dying breed. Or are they?
A black dreadnaught has been raiding star lanes near the outer fringes of the Empire. Is it just another pirate ship? Or is it the key to reviving the wizard scout corps? And what about the discovery of a mysterious anomaly reportedly found by cantankerous asteroid miners? Does it have something to do with the black dreadnaught?
Wizard Scout Richard Shepard, the last of the legendary wizard scouts, is sent to investigate. Aided by the crew of the recon ship, Defiant, Richard must circumvent an increasingly convoluted political landscape in his search for the truth. But what is truth? And can Richard handle the truth - if he finds it?
Faced with a decision which could mean the life or death of millions of helpless innocents, Richard must make a choice. What his choice will be, no one knows, least of all Richard.


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Customer Reviews

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Not *SURE* WHAT Happened...

This series has been good enough to keep me "buying the next book in the series" during "Book Slumps", but I'm not sure WHAT happened to "This" Book. The Story/Plot Line seems to jarringly go from "A Late Teen Book", to nearly "A Disney Rated" Book...

SOME of that is the Narration (Sorry Guy).. The pace of the narration is just a bit too slow... Otherwise, "Semi-Crazy Old 'Sgt Ron's'" voice gets more Hillbilly-ish by the chapter, yet a "Fiery Redhead Girl" who says "Aye, It's Blarney!" gets a flat generic accent... which suddenly made me skip back through the other books in the series and realize what's kinda been bothering me.. OTHER Characters that SHOULD have distinct accents, Don't have accents either...

Then "A Spirit Horse" makes a sudden appearance when all is hopeless, and the line: "SGT. RON, SAVE THE CHILDREN [Piloting] IN THE SCOUT SHIPS!" makes you realize that "8-To-16 Year Olds" are the "Hardened Veterans and Brains"... I kinda stopped really paying attention at that point, and ALMOST turned it off when 'Sgt. Ron' abandons his orders, forgets about 'Saving the Children AND his friends and Partner', seals himself in the Bridge, and starts screeching "AH CAIN'T STOP! THASS THUH SHIIIIP THAT KILT MUH WIIIIIIFE!"

"Ahead he saw a 'Something', The 'Something' was Green. The 'Something' was moving... moving toward 'a place', the 'Something' was in 'ALL Places' at the same time..."
Throw out a Nonsensical line, then SLOWLY stretch the line out by semi-defining it.. THAT happens enough to be noticeable...

Sorry.. I REALLY HATE Bashing a Book, but this was another one that just didn't make my Bunny Hop.
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- Trip Williams "Did you know you can put in a set of Ear-Buds, slap your Hearing Protectors over them, and Mow the lawn, Weed-Eat, etc, without your book being drowned out by engine noise? OR, you can just let the horses in the yard, and THEY'LL mow and weedeat (literally) FOR YOU!"


Wish I'd listened to the reviewer above and skipped this one. The entire story and it's characters are too stupid to live! (TSTL) And I got to the point towards the end that it was so bad I nearly threw my android against the wall.

Whereas the Elf Priestess in the first book was interesting and strong after fighting demons, her descendent here doesn't get in any supernatural fights yet she whines through the whole time about everything she's told to do and fights with the prophecy about what she's supposed to do while Rome is burning and there's no time for her wimpiness. Somebody needs to slap her.

Agreed, Captain Ron went waaaay over the line with his crap, "they kilt mah waife". Terrycloth should have just shut off his heart when he ignored saving his grandson to go after the "ship" that kilt his wife....kill him, Terry, kill him. He already created a daughter that's evil, stop him before he creates anymore evil by being too cutesy. Somebody needs to be spanked for creating these characters.

The story requires too much suspension of reality to put up with the extent the characters whine in this storyline. Somebody SAVE ME....."but they kilt mah waife" (boo hoo) (slap him, better yet shut down his heart quick and save the story!)

Maybe you can stand this but this storyline is so irritating I am finished with this series. Now if I can only get the other series I like to write faster.
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- Linda Luella "buchfiend"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-24-2017
  • Publisher: R&K Publishing