Winged Hussars : The Revelations Cycle

  • by Mark Wandrey
  • Narrated by Michael Hinton
  • Series: The Revelations Cycle
  • 15 hrs and 42 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

For more than a century, Winged Hussars has been the richest of Earth's mercenary companies, as well as the only one to specialize in space warfare. Led by Alexis Cromwell, they have carved out a reputation in the galaxy for being dependable, unflappable, and lethally efficient. Until people began shooting at them everywhere they went.
Rick Culper left Earth in the hopes of finding a job as a merc. A natural at fighting in the armed suits known as CASPers, he finally caught on with one of the premier Four Horsemen companies, but it's with the Winged Hussars, and the company's prospects are beginning to look bleak.
Traps have been laid throughout a number of systems, and Commander Alexis Cromwell and her flagship, Pegasus, will be hard-pressed to make it back to their secret base. Even with Rick's help, the situation is much worse than anyone in the Hussars could have imagined. The Four Horsemen are being hunted, and the Hussars's future is dark. But there's one thing Alexis's enemies didn't count on - Alexis Cromwell is nobody's prey.


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Customer Reviews

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A Fantastic Addition to The Series.

Had me entertained from beginning to end. Space combat at it's best . I enjoyed how the book explored more of the horsemans universe.
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- Daniel

Even Better than Cartwrights Cavaliers

The author mastered Ground pound, mech combat in book 1. Now He mastered Sci-fi tactical space battles.

It is truly impressive That a scifi novel can be so good without the Earth is under Alien threat! We must save HUMANITY! angle.

I would love to See a Revelations Novel where the Earth is Under attack by a fed up Alien Alliance who just couldn't seem to take down the 4 Horsemen.

The 4 Horsemen must Combine Arms... omg, chills, All Of Earth's fleets Commanded By Alexis Cromwell. Marines and Armor corps commanded by Jim Cartwright. chills. With Enlightened Tortanrulan shock troups Led by Ort. To save Humanity, Serious thousand Ship skirmish lines, with all of that Fancy, brilliant, Inertially crunchily satisfying Winged Hussars Space engagements. Sacrificial Shield Ships crewed by retirees who would die to see their grandchildren safe. lol, Hey, why not? Right? It is not a crutch or a trope, saving Humanity is the essence of Sci-fi, Ender's Game anyone? throw in Raunchy sex. Jim's friend with the brain damage should have banged everything. including the Bear People, the Mantis People, He could have discovered He could only feel by engaging in sex, The more garrish and weird the more He could feel. Push GiGi out of the saddle and give it a Go! would have been funny, the acts if Xeno Matings and rejections, and the ribbing the Humans would have given Rick.

Please lose Asbaran Solutions in a Wormhole while this happens.
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- Jayho74

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-03-2017
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio