Warmage : Spellmonger

  • by Terry Mancour
  • Narrated by John Lee
  • Series: Spellmonger
  • 27 hrs and 23 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The goblin invasion is on...and a wizard's work is never done!
After facing a hopeless siege, an implacable foe and an impossible escape, you would think that Minalan the Spellmonger would be able to rest - but the armies of the undead goblin shaman Shereul (known as the Dead God to his human victims) are rolling over the western reaches of the rustic Duchy of Alshar and is headed toward the heart of the Duchy of Castal. Thousands are fleeing for their lives as hordes of goblins pour out of Boval Vale and devastate the rugged fiefs of the Alshari Wilderlands. And the super-charged shamans of the Dead God are making defending the realm almost impossible for the outnumbered Alshari country knights.
While the two Dukes play feudal politics to further their own ends, the only people who seem to care about the invasion are Minalan and his outlaw warmagi friends - and they're busy dodging agents of the sinister Royal Censorate of Magic.
But if someone doesn't organize an army in northern Alshar soon, then there will be nothing to stop the armies of the divinely powerful Dead God from conquering all five Duchies in his genocidal quest for vengeance.
But things are just not that simple: he has to cope with a sexy young Shadowmage assassin who works for a mysterious spymaster, a cocky new manservant, a dysfunctional group of suddenly-powerful warmagi, the Censor General, and a bunch of whiny nobles before the Dukes will grant him the troops and money he will need - and the Dukes have plans of their own. If Minalan the Spellmonger can't lobby the courts of Alshar and Castal to work together - and quickly - the hordes of the Dead God will sweep over the frontiers of both states. Worse, the mysterious Umbra veil he has erected around Boval Vale may come to imperil all Five Duchies.
Minalan would rather just go home and let the Dukes handle it, but his conscience won't let him. Someone has to stop the Dead God...and that someone happens to be him. Beyond politics and plots, goblins and trolls, mercenaries and magic, the Soulless and the shamans, Censors and secret orders, for Minalan there is only the thought that his child is to be born in a world with such dangers, and that is something he cannot permit.
It is time for the Spellmonger to pick up his mageblade, summon his allies, and go to war again...as a Warmage!


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Customer Reviews

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Spellmonger had so much potential, but i'm done

Liked the first book, had its pitfalls and tropes (Min is very sexist, boastful, reader is told how to feel, and there were a lot of anachronisms) but it also had its good points (start of a good magic system, interesting story structure, and a strong villain)

This book fell SO FLAT.

All the bad with none of the good.
- Min is still whoring it up while somehow claiming to be dedicated to his fiancee, fine, not cool, but whatever. But the curses drove me crazy. "Ishes's [adjective][feminine body part]" were gratuitous and make no sense. Its like someone say "Virgin May's Sweet @ss" or "Buddha's swinging ballsack"... just seem like an excuse to talk about boobs.
- On top of that the amount of times its recited how dangerous imperial trained war mages are and how elite the training is borderline monotonous.
- Author still tells you how to feel rather than getting you to feel it through descriptions and dialogue, which is the same as before.
- The anachronisms like the word "tool" or wizards knowing advanced anatomy or cell structures while living in a time without electricity or indoor plumbing is insane.

But all that was prevalent in the first book too, but I still liked it a lot. What lost me is:
- The magic system degrades from a loose system you are slowly taught about to "people are doing a bunch of cool things cause they have the witch stones" (again monotony about how powerful they are)
- The author continued the alternating timelines by chapter, which I liked before because it was telling his back story, but this time it is describing the same story arc but 4 months apart. It becomes a lot of the same characters talking about the same topics with a slight shift in perspective due to a minimal time difference and it is MASSIVELY confusing. The only purpose I could see it serving is breaking up the monotony of all political negotiations and social affairs, but it doesn't really accomplish that.
- This also diminishes the main villain and really is the same story as last book, the spellmonger has to raise an army and beat a large goblin horde. No escalation, no finality either way, just the same thing different location

And there are a ton of other little annoyances too, but at the end of the day, this wasn't the fun story the last one was, it was the fantasy of having a super warrior, mage, intellect, ladies man, with godly power, respect, and well hung (yeah, it says it several times), while being the everyday guy, but this time all he does is talk, negotiate, and get told how great he is.

Passing on book 3.
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- James Hugo

Another great one!

Enjoyed this one. Well performed and the writing keeps it interesting and moving along well. I don't think that I can wait for the next audible version and might need to just purchased the hardcopy!
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- Thomas

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-09-2017
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing