Warbound : Grimnoir Chronicles

  • by Larry Correia
  • Narrated by Bronson Pinchot
  • Series: Grimnoir Chronicles
  • 17 hrs and 18 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Audie Award Finalist, Paranormal, 2014
Audie Award Finalist, Solo Narration - Male, 2014
Audie Award Finalist, Paranormal, 2014
New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Larry Correia sets this gritty urban fantasy, a sequel to Hard Magic and Spellbound, in an alternate noir 1930s. A tough P.I. battles an interdimensional monster that wants to suck magic power out of the world.
Only a handful of people in the world know that mankind's magic comes from a living creature, and it is a refugee from another universe. The Power showed up here in the 1850s because it was running from something. Now it is 1933, and the Power's hiding place has been discovered by a killer. It is a predator that eats magic and leaves destroyed worlds in its wake. Earth is next.
Former private eye Jake Sullivan knows the score. The problem is, hardly anyone believes him. The world's most capable Active, Faye Vierra, could back him up, but she is hiding from forces that think she is too dangerous to live. So Jake has put together a ragtag crew of airship pirates and Grimnoir knights - and set out on a suicide mission to stop the predator before it is too late.


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Customer Reviews

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Started Strong-Finished Strong

Larry Correia’s Grimnoir trilogy has come to a conclusion in “Warbound.” There is so much I love about this series, that takes place is an alternate 1930’s era, that its hard to know where to start. The characters are true to the era, yet they live in a world that has been given magic from a creature that has come to earth in an effort to hide from a predator that wants to suck the magic out of the entire universe. Larry Correia’s use of real life characters from the Thirties such as John Moses Browning and General John, “Black Jack”, Pershing, and references to Nichola Tesla and his inventions, gives his alternative world authenticity.
In “Warbound,” Jake Sullivan, Sally Faye Vierra, and the iron guard Toru, are the main characters in this third installment. I really like the relationship that is formed between Jake and the Iron Guard; and of course, Faye is my favorite character in the series. There are still the other characters we’ve come to know such as, Pirate Bob, Francis, Dan, Heinrich, and Pemberly Hammer - the Bureau of Investigation's human lie detector, but their roles are diminished in this book. One of the new characters, Dr. Well, a sociopath and inmate of Rockville Penitentiary, that Jake recruits to help swart the greatest threat to earth, the Pathfinder, is also a standout character.
The battle action is amazing with magic being thrown from all sides and the technology that Mr. Correia adds, such as powered armor, and of course the flying airships, only add to the excitement.
On a side note; although this is the end of the trilogy, Mr. Correia leaves open the possibility for more Grimnoir adventures;let's hope.
About the narrator; it’s crazy, to me, that Bronson Pinchot, “Balki Bartokomous” from Perfect Strangers (one of my favorite sitcom televisions shows from the mid-80s and early 90s) is the narrator. This guy has range, and gives another great performance.
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- D "I read, I write; I listen"

happy to report a satisfying conclusion

What did you love best about Warbound?

can't say without major spoilers.

Have you listened to any of Bronson Pinchot’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

yes, he's amazing! i was tickled by his performance of lady origami. by far, he is the most talented narrator i've heard to date! i love his narration of jake sullivan! perfect, just perfect!.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

happy and relieved that the story lived up to my expectations.

Any additional comments?

preface...like many, i discovered the grimnoir chronicles while waiting for the next release of monster hunters, and i must say, "what an awesome discovery!" the grimnoir chronicles have become one of my favorite series. dare i even say better than monster hunters? ok. yes, i dare! lol so like many of you i was eagerly (and despairingly) awaiting the release of warbound on audible. yes, i could've downloaded it on kindle, but i wanted/needed bronson pinchot's superb narration to envelop me in larry correia's world. i have to admit, i was nervous, even giddy, when i started listening b/c i didn't want to be let down. sorry but monster hunter vendetta was kind of a let down. ok. where was i? sorry, the adhd is kinda bad today. lol hard magic was an incredible discovery, spellbound was a worthy sequel, and warbound is a satisfying conclusion.

ok...on with the review...

i don't want to spoil your listening experience, but i must say larry correia does a great job wrapping up the story, and the minor stories within the story. faye's journey to discover what it means to be spellbound is haunting. what she truly is totally surprised me, but by the end it makes perfect sense. jake and toru have a complicated relationship, and i really enjoyed seeing how it played out.

i was also happy that larry correia brought "plot devices" from previous books into this one. for instance, i really liked buckminster fuller. he had a very small part in spellbound, but he had a huge influence on the plot. i really enjoyed listening to bronson pichot's portrayal of him as a zany, quick talking genius. so, i was glad he was back in warbound. there are many more plot devices, but i'm not telling! lol trust me, you'll really enjoy discovering how past events come into play in this story.

once again, larry correia introduces new characters, and again they are as equally fascinating as the previous characters he's introduced us to. one of the definite strengths of this series are the characters larry correia creates. each is unique, and as a cast, they fit together like puzzle pieces.

the battle scenes are heart-pounding. they are choreographed with the right amount of description to keep the action exciting.

i'm sad that the series is over, but i'm happy with the way it ended. thank-you larry correia! it was definitely a great ride!

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- Mike Naka "Avid Zombie fan who's starting to listen to more and more Fantasy and Sci-Fi stories. So, my description is apt to change. Dog lover who's known to have cats. LOL C# coder, part-time prepper, B movie fan, AMC watcher, recovering but successful day trader, perpetual student, overjoyed uncle, former adrenaline junkie with a flare for cooking, and lots more. LOL"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-06-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios