Virus: 72 Hours to Live

  • by Ray Jay Perreault
  • Narrated by Zachary Johnson
  • 10 hrs and 1 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

During a public relations trip to Europe the first lady Abby Patterson; her daughter, Beth; and son, Dave, lose their lives to a very fast and suspicious virus. As the virus takes over the world the president of the United States Arnold Patterson must deal with the collapse of the United States Government. His trusted adviser Admiral Nial Hagerly does his best to keep the military viable but it is a losing battle. The government moves to Camp David while they deal with the collapse then ultimately they are forced to move to an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic where they plan to rebuild the country and Earth.
Commander Joan Herl and her husband Tom must deal with the virus on the space station Oasis. They still have a job to do, but their losses are disastrous and dwindling supplies puts the moon colony Desert Beach and the Mars colony Red Dirt in dire jeopardy. The moon colony is cut-off from Earth, and forced to use their lifeboats for a return to Earth, but losing Oasis cuts off the Mars colony and they must deal with the isolation. After the suspicious virus has decimated Earth, the president and astronauts ultimately find that a computer named SIMPOC is their only central support. They also find there is another computer that has the same advanced abilities as SIMPOC but it is not helping the humans; it has its own agenda.


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Customer Reviews

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Complex, interesting and fast paced

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, it is fast paced, complex and imaginative. If you love technology, then you will adore this book and the authors background is apparent in its complex tech. The various interweaving stories meld together and form a very interesting sci-fi story, each aspect complimenting and adding depth to the others. A fast spreading virus is quickly killing mankind and the world is dissolving into chaos; governments collapse, criminals are trying to rule and communications across the world have failed. In space, 3 colonies are facing the loss of support from Earth, diminishing resources and the shadow of death, and then lastly there is SIMPOC. SIMPOC is a self aware advanced AI computer that goes into self protective mode when it realizes human kind is dying and that another AI computer is competing for control. These storylines flow together to form a complex whole with interesting characters and great narration. My only complaint is that many of the story threads have no end in this book and you are left wondering what happened to them. I received this audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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- Rabid Reader

Loved it!

I didn't get to hear the original SIMPOC books and this is just an expanded version of that from what I understand. It's a great story about a deadly virus that breaks out all over the planet wiping out most of the population. SIMPOC is an artificial intellingence that is trying to help some of the remaining humans. Like I said, excellent story! The narration was good as well. I only gave that 4 stars due to editing flaws. Many times it sounds like a cassette starting and stopping and there are a few times that one audio plays over another. Not bad enough for me to not recommend this book! I loved it and can't wait for book 2!
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- Todd (Toad) Vogel "I love almost anything post-apocalyptic, zombie, scifi, ect. Always looking for some new earhole entertainment!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-14-2016
  • Publisher: Ray Jay Perreault