V Wars : V Wars

  • by Jonathan Maberry, Nancy Holder, John Everson, Yvonne Navarro, Gregory Frost
  • Narrated by Cassandra Campbell, Gabrielle de Cuir, Roxanne Hernadez, Arte Johnson, Stefan Rudnicki, Wil Wheaton
  • Series: V Wars
  • 18 hrs and 33 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

They are hunting us.
In this sweeping, threaded narrative of the global phenomenon known as the Vampire Wars, mankind is unwittingly infected by a millennia-old bacteria unknowingly exhumed by a scientific expedition in Antarctica. Now, in some rare cases, a person’s so-called junk DNA becomes activated. Depending on their racial and ethnic heritage, they begin to manifest one of the many diverse forms of the "others" that are the true basis for the legends of supernatural creatures. These aren’t your usual vampires and werewolves - it goes much deeper than that.
Conceived by Jonathan Maberry, V Wars features stories from various frontlines as reported by such contributors as Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, James A. Moore, Gregory Frost, John Everson, Keith R. A. DeCandido, and Scott Nicholson - as well as Maberry himself, of course. The result is a compelling series of tales that creates a unique chronicle of mankind’s response to this sudden, hidden threat to humanity.


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Customer Reviews

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You Have to Stick With This One.

If you buy this and you know you will, then you have to stick with it. It had it's ups and downs and some very low downs, but toward the end, you will start to get it. This is a thinking person's vampire series. I AM A VEMPIRE, VEM PIE RR. It gets a little political and at first I wanted to flee, but despite my A.D.D., my brain started to churn. People start turning into vampires and at first, I thought what is the problem, kill them all. As you will learn, vampires come in all different types and many do not kill. In reality you could replace vampire with Muslim. Some Muslims are terrorist, but most are not. Add to this dilemma, the randomness in which certain people change. Your wife, husband, children or parents could become vampires. It becomes a lot more complicated then you would originally expect. HE LOOKED LIKE HE COULD BENCH PRESS NEW JERSEY.

Here is another reason you want to listen to this: a sequel is coming out in September and the list of authors include; Kevin J. Anderson, Scott Sigler, Larry Corriea, and Joe McKinney among others.

Below is a list of the different stories and parts and the grade I felt they deserved:

Introduction by Dacre Stoker, A-

Junk Part 1, by Jonathan Maberry, A

Roadkill Part 1, by Nancy Holder, D+

Junk Part 2, B

Love Less, Part 1, John Everson, A-

Junk Part 3, B

Epiphany Part 1, by Yvonne Navarro, B

Junk Part 4, B

Love Less, Part 2, Concluded, A

The Ballad of Big Charlie, Part 1, by Keith R.A. DeCandido, C-

Junk Part 5, B+

Heartsick by Scott Nicholson, B-

Junk Part 6, Concluded, B+

Roadkill, Part 2, Concluded, D+

Vulpes Part 1 by Gregory Frost, C+

Escalation by Maberry, C (The rest of Maberry's stories are more chapters then stand alone stories. Which is okay, they serve to tie in the rest of the stories.)

Stalking Anna Lei, Part 1, by James A. Moore, B+

The Ballad of Big Charlie, Part 2. B+

Species Genocide by Maberry, A-

Stalking Anna Lei, Part 2, A

The Ballad Of Big Charlie, Part 3, Concluded, A-

Embedded by Maberry, B+

Vulpes, Part 2, Concluded A-

Epiphany, Part 2, Concluded A-

Last Bites by Jonathan Maberry, B+

The Narrators are all first class and help make this an overall 5 star experience.

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- Jim "The Impatient" "My taste differs from kid books to gory horror books."

Where is the War?

The concept for this is pretty cool, and that's what got me to check it out. Basically, this is a set of short stories / novellas, that are loosely connected in that they involve a Patient Zero that sets off a virus turning people into vampires. Typically I prefer the Dracula type gothic horror vampire, but this seemed to me for some reason to be more along the lines of 30 Days of Night modern version. That was my perception going in. Either way, they don't sparkle, so I figured it could be fun. Also assumed that as an anthology of sorts, some stories would be better than others. Such is the case here.

There is some excellent character development throughout, and some of it is actually worth it. As to the so-called V-Wars... it's mostly build-up and not enough carnage. To be fair, it reads almost realistically in places, like this could happen this way, and there are plenty of social ramifications explored. Other parts, some characters are way too accepting of the changes rather than panicking, and plenty of explanations are left simply to "we don't know why it happens this way, it just does." At a couple of points, I was left wondering if this was still a story about vampire wars. The whole book isn't disappointing, just large chunks of it. But there was enough to feed my imagination in places that I felt it was generally worth it overall, in small doses. Had this been a single-story novel, I probably would declare it a failed attempt, but anthologies tend to be a little more forgiving since each author has their own take on what they want to explore. I just wish they'd focused more on the overall war. In this case, the microcosm of character study didn't reflect the larger picture as a whole. It's there, just not as in-depth as I would have liked.
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- Troy "Say something about yourself!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-10-2012
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.