Thief's Magic : Millennium’s Rule

  • by Trudi Canavan
  • Narrated by Grant Cartwright, Hannah Norris
  • Series: Millennium’s Rule
  • 17 hrs and 36 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In a world where an industrial revolution is powered by magic, Tyen, a student of archaeology, unearths a sentient book called Vella. Once a young sorcerer-bookbinder, Vella was transformed into a useful tool by one of the greatest sorcerers of history. Since then she has been collecting information, including a vital clue to the disaster Tyen’s world faces.Elsewhere, in an land ruled by priests, Rielle the dyer’s daughter has been taught that to use magic is to steal from the Angels. Yet she knows she has a talent for it, and that there is a corrupter in the city willing to teach her how to use it – should she dare to risk the Angels’ wrath.Yet not everything is as Tyen and Rielle have been raised to believe. Not the nature of magic, nor the laws of their lands… and not even the people they trust.


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Customer Reviews

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Has the magic dried up?

These days it feels as if Trudi Canavan is shooting very straight arrows. A hero (in this case Tyen) sets out on a journey in which he realises that the institution where he studies has been keeping secrets (in this case 'The Academy'). His loyalties are severely challenged and he will become another person. There is also a heroine who finds herself in a very similar situation (in this case Rielle). She discovers basically the same as the hero, but it is more implicit.

It is as if Canavan's foreshadowing technique has become blatant. In the case of Rielle for instance, she is first harassed by a person with a tarnished soul... thereafter the wheels start rolling and guess what she will become... !

The parallels between the two main characters are so obvious, they even end up in more or less the same situation at the end of the book.

What is new? Well magic is not plentiful, it leaves stains in both people's worlds. They live in a multiverse with different worlds. (It makes me think of Orson Scott Card's Gate Thief in some way.) The thing that is new is 'Vella' (probably from the Latin, vellum, which is a page in a manuscript usually made from animal skin) a magic book that was a human being before... guess... the mightiest sorcerer changed her into a book. She is a 'truth'-saying book.

With so much predictability, I can just anxiously hope that Canavan will be able to steer the story to an interesting and unpredictable place. I hope the magic is still coming...

This book is recommended for anyone who want the depth of a Mills & Boon in a fantasy universe... but at this point without the romance. (Funnily the one thing absent is a homosexual character, but then it is not the last book.)
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- Jacobus "When I drive, I read... uhm listen. I like SciFi, Fantasy, some Detective and Espionage novels and Religion. Now and then I will also listen to something else."

Half good, half bad

What did you like best about Thief's Magic? What did you like least?

The Tyen parts of the book for the best and the Rielle parts for the least. Tyen's world was interesting full of a mix of science and magic. Where as Rielle's world was just to over the top stereo types, the corrupt church, uncaring parents, the fruit fling angry mob.

Would you recommend Thief's Magic to your friends? Why or why not?

No, not the kind of book my friends read.

What did you like about the performance? What did you dislike?

Grant was good he had a range of voices. Hannah was okay except for the voices of both upper class and poor females talked the same way. I don't expect unwed mother in the slums to sound like Eliza Doolittle, but at the same time I don't think she sound like Henry Higgins. Nothing against Hannah but the accent she gave to the females sounded wrong to generic I could not take it for long

Do you think Thief's Magic needs a follow-up book? Why or why not?

Yes, to finish the story.

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- Daniel "I mostly likes me some sword and sorcery, not really in to sifi but theirs a place in my library for anything from John Scalzi."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-15-2014
  • Publisher: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd