The Synchronicity War: Part 2 : The Synchronicity War

  • by Dietmar Wehr
  • Narrated by Luke Daniels
  • Series: The Synchronicity War
  • 9 hrs and 13 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The unprovoked war with a mysterious alien race is going badly. Minor tactical victories are offset by major strategic setbacks. The aliens know where all Human-occupied worlds are while their own worlds are still unknown. Victor Shiloh's unpredictable precognitive visions are the only thing that is slowing the alien onslaught. Not content with gradually pushing Humanity back, Shiloh's vision reveals a massive attack on Earth that will have terrible consequences. So far his visions have all come true. Can his A.I. allies make the difference between extermination and survival for the Human Race?


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Customer Reviews

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I really want to like this story

The series has some fun and interesting moments, and a few interesting characters. Unfortunately, the characters seem to lose depth as the story progresses (or is jumped around somewhat incoherently).
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- Reid

Shiloh and Resurrected Sepp Dietrich Crush Aliens

In Part 2 of The Synchronicity War Saga, Earth, and its 11 billion human inhabitants squeezed onto its crowded shores is now the frontline in an increasingly nasty war of annihilation against a nameless, completely depersonalized enemy that Mr. Wehr hasn't taken the time to name yet, has refused to devote a single sentence of inter-alien dialogue or physically described in any way whatsoever. Is this an intentional strategy of negation where the aliens are totally devoid of any redemptive value, as single minded agents of obliteration? Hard to say.

Maybe Mr. Wehr is saving up all of the alien's dialogue for the next installment. Who knows, those bastards might turn out to be a bunch of chatty, disgustingly superficial blowhards who can't shut up unless their blown up.

Anyways, at least Mr. Wehr had the presence of mind to include in his cast of characters everyone's favorite SS Panzer Army commander- General Sepp Dietrich. In Part 2 Sepp takes on the role of Fleet Admiral and second in command to the Big Kahuna.

As for the main character CAG Shiloh, I dig his dedication to the AI fighter fleet led by the irrepressible Iceman. They think of him, Shiloh that is, as a kind of father figure, and he is as protective of them as any father would be towards his own children. If Shiloh hears anyone talk shit about AI's behind any of the AI's virtual backs, that individual's career is quickly 86'ed. I respect the AI's ability to quickly acquire handy stock fighter pilot lingo and their growing sense of wonderment at what Iceman termed "humanity's obsession with fecal matter and procreative activities".

I am super ready for Part 3. So many questions to answer. Can humanity bounce back after that little shit sneezed into the candy jar on the spaceship? Memo to those idiots in that spaceship's bio- med lab: What the flying fuck were you MENSAS thinking when one of you placed that ubiquitous glass jar of irresistible mint candies in a stand alone location just inside the wide open, unguarded bio-medical research lab located for reasons I cannot fathom right next to the living quarters for the bunch of refugees suspected of harboring a ultra-deadly strain of some pan-death flu virus? Step back and think about it. Here comes some snot nosed little runt waltzing out of his family's quarters and within six steps is inside an authorized personnel only bio-med research lab staring at the candy jar. I don't even think he had to twist the lid off. As he starts fishing for a candy he feels that itch in the back of his nose just as he reaches deeper into the jar, his face is right over the jar's mouth, and.......... Thus begins the mother of all pandemics with humanity circling the extinction drain in ever tighter circles. And not one person asked " Why is there a jar of candies in the middle of the restricted Bio-med lab?" Or, "Do we really want to work right next to these potential vectors?" Or, "Isn't Ensign (insert last name here) supposed to be on watch down at the Bio-md lab this afternoon?" The rest is tragedy.
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- shalte

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-13-2015
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing