The Sky People

  • by S. M. Stirling
  • Narrated by Todd McLaren
  • 10 hrs and 38 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Marc Vitrac was born in Louisiana in the early 1960's, about the time the first interplanetary probes delivered the news that Mars and Venus were teeming with life: even human life. At that point, the "Space Race" became the central preoccupation of the great powers of the world. Now, in 1988, Marc has been assigned to Jamestown, the US-Commonwealth base on Venus, near the great Venusian city of Kartahown. Set in a countryside swarming with sabertooths and dinosaurs, Jamestown is home to a small band of American and allied scientist-adventurers.
But there are flies in this ointment - and not only the Venusian dragonflies, with their yard-wide wings. The biologists studying Venus' life are puzzled by the way it not only resembles that on Earth, but is virtually identical to it. The EastBloc has its own base at Cosmograd, in the highlands to the south, and relations are frosty. And attractive young geologist Cynthia Whitlock seems impervious to Marc's Cajun charm.
Meanwhile, at the western end of the continent, Teesa of the Cloud Mountain People leads her tribe in a conflict with the Neanderthal-like beastmen who have seized her folk's sacred caves. Then an EastBloc shuttle crashes nearby, and the beastmen acquire new knowledge...and AK47's.
Jamestown sends its long-range blimp to rescue the downed EastBloc cosmonauts, little suspecting that the answer to the jungle planet's mysteries may lie there, among tribal conflicts and traces of a power that makes Earth's vaunted science seem as primitive as the tribesfolk's blowguns. As if that weren't enough, there's an enemy agent on board the airship.
Extravagant and effervescent, The Sky People is alternate-history SF adventure at its best.


What the Critics Say

"The science is refreshingly realistic." (Publishers Weekly)


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Customer Reviews

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Fun in a wild world....

I liked this book.
It took a while for me to get past the real history that this book (alternated and/or) left from. It is easy to suspend our reality when the story is hundreds of years in the future or in a different galaxy and time. This starts in a bad time for our real world.
The STORY though has nothing to do with Earth or our reality. It isn't even hard SCI FI. It is closer to a land of the lost story with high tech characters involved. If you listen carefully through the initial disjointed plot lines, they do come together and never let you down.
I will get the next book in this series when it comes out.
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- Lars

Fun book

First and foremost, the Narrator, Mr. McLaren, does the best triceratops lowing I have ever heard in an audiobook. Ever.

Seriously, Mr. McLaren does a great job narrating this fun adventure story.

I have read some criticism that Mr. Stirling's stories are a little "black and white", but sometimes it is nice to know who the good guys and the bad guys are. Reminds me a little of Heinlein's supermen. The throwback plot line to the old pulps is also well done.
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- Thomas

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-19-2007
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio