The Scattered and the Dead : The Scattered and the Dead

  • by Tim McBain, L.T. Vargus
  • Narrated by Tim McBain, L.T. Vargus
  • Series: The Scattered and the Dead
  • 14 hrs and 24 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

With 99.7% of the Earth's population dead and gone, the few who remain struggle to survive in an empty world. The scattered. The leftovers. These are their stories. Meet Mitch, a father infected with the zombie virus. He knows he has 24 hours until he turns. Maybe a little more if he's lucky. He's been a half-assed father. Checked out. Distracted. Can he find a path to redemption in his final hours? Can he make sure his kids are taken care of before time runs out?
Meet Travis, a 23 year old wimp who ran away as his parents were murdered by raiders. Now he surrounds himself with towers of scavenged booze and prescription pills. He only wants to numb the pain. Then he comes upon the men who killed his family. Now he has a choice.
Meet Erin, a 16 year old girl taking care of an eight year old orphan. Six months ago she was worried about prom. Now she worries about zombies and raiders and feeding a little girl.
Meet Teddy. Meet Baghead and Delfino. Meet Rex and Ray and Lorraine. Meet the utterly lost who look for meaning in humanity's fading glow.


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zombies are only one part of what drives this book

When I reviewed the Audible version of The Scattered and the Dead, Book 0.5, I totally got lost in a new universe. The Scattered and the Dead 0.5 follows only one person Decker. The Scattered and the Dead Book 1 is a much larger cast and time period. The easiest way to illustrate this is to list the character’s names and where their stories start in Book 1:

Rex 68 days before
Baghead 9 yrs, 126 days after
Mitch 43 days before
Travis 44 days after
Erin 29 days after
Teddy 69 days after
Ray 3 days before
Lorraine 3 days before

As you can tell by the listing above, the book is not linear. It tells different people’s stories with very different starting points. For example, Baghead’s story begins over 9 years after the event while Mitch’s story begins 43 days before. This was the hardest part of the book for me, the chronology. My inability to keep the chronology straight was a very minor downside for me. The story was wonderful. There were characters like Erin and Mitch that I connected with. And then there were characters like Teddy that made me want to jump into the book and warn the other characters to avoid him at all costs. The ages of the characters vary also from children to middle age.

The situations that characters exist in are not static. Some characters are perpetually moving, either for foraging or for unknown reasons. Some are hunkered down and just trying to survive for as long as they can. The undead are not the worst monsters in this book. I think the authors do a great job of painting the human monsters in vivid colors. In fact, I can readily visualize some of those human monsters living here in the United States, now, without the apocalypse to create them.

As I said in my review of Book 0.5, the authors have created a post-apocalyptic universe that feels different than many of the other I have read (and I have read many). If you like the post-apocalyptic genre, this is a great series. Even if you are not a zombie fan, you will still like this series. The zombies are only one part of what drives this book.

The Audible version of Book 0.5 was fabulous and so is Book 1 also with excellent production values. The clear strong voice of the narrator of Book 0.5, who happens to be one of the authors, also narrated Book 1 with the other author, L. T. Vargus. Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus did a fantastic job narrating the book. They both have pleasant voices to listen to. Perhaps having authored the book helped in their ability to narrate it so well. They did not seem to be reading it as much as telling it, as one survivor after another shared their story with the listener. It makes for a very intimate narration.

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After reading, and loving, the ebook of this story, I was so excited for the audiobook! McBain narrated the 0.5 book, so I assumed he would be voicing this as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find out his co-author was duet narrating this one! It's so nice when an author also has a great voice. These two are awesome! I just hope they never give up writing to do voice-overs. If you like zombies, huge, epic sagas, and having your mind toyed with, you'll LOVE this series!
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Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-20-2016
  • Publisher: Smarmy Press