The Pirates of Pacta Servanda : The Pillars of Reality

  • by Jack Campbell
  • Narrated by MacLeod Andrews
  • Series: The Pillars of Reality
  • 11 hrs and 32 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

"The world feels oddly strained, like a line pulled too taunt and apt to snap, smashing everything in its path."
Master Mechanic Mari and Mage Alain have survived every attempt to stop them, but their enemies are determined to kill Mari, the only one who can save her world from a storm of destruction. As armies begin to gather and cities seethe with tension, Mari, Alain, and their friends must prepare to confront the storm in the place it first appeared: the broken kingdom of Tiae.
The dangers facing them demand perilous raids, tough battles, and more than a little piracy. Beating the Mechanics Guild and the Mage Guild that have controlled the world of Dematr for centuries will require an unprecedented alliance under Mari's command of rebellious Mechanics, Mages, and common folk who know that together they can change the world, but separately they will all lose.


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Customer Reviews

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Amazingly fast ride while being informative.

Any additional comments?

I assume if your reading this review, you've probably read the previous 3 books. If you haven't I highly suggest you go back to Book 1 "The Dragon's of Dorcastle" as it will greatly improve your enjoyment of this book. There are so many things I enjoyed in this volume.

The first 3 books mainly focused on the Marie & Alain's growing relationship and the reactions from their guild. While others friends appeared in the other books, in book 4 Marie is now truly gaining both friends & followers that will know join Marie & Alain. I am amazed at Jack Campbell's ability to add multiple major characters and introducing their personalities so well. The main group are a bunch of people that Marie grew up with. Even though The author mainly focuses the story being told through either Mariebor Alain's eyes, their friends truly show through the dialogue with witty and sometimes hilarious banter. I really like that these characters growth are even shown a bit.

This book is also a jump from major event/battle at a break neck speed. I usually expect books of this length to have 3-4 major events and battles but in this books 12 hours many more major things happen. I finished this book the same day I downloaded it. As I thought over the book after completing it, I realized that there was a ton for me to digest. So much so that I would have thought, this book was actually closer to 20 hours.

Finally the coming storm that is the lynch pin prophecy of this story, is definitely on its way. While I really enjoyed series like the wheel of time, the fulfillment of the starting prophecies took a great while to take place and we all know how long those books where. This series feels so much faster and while not as detailed as epic fantasy or space opera, this story will keep you interested all throughout. In my opinion, Books 1-3 where mainly about Marie & Alain's relationship, at the end of book 3 some of Marie's friends join them. This book is about the integration of Marie's friends & the starting of the consolidation of her forces.

I am greatly looking forward to Book 5. They could continue to build up Marie's forces or they could start the battles needed to stop the coming storm. Either way we are now probably reaching the meat of this series. It is true that Jack Camobell could try to stretch things out with other matters but as his track work in the released books shows, he seems to be taking this story full speed ahead. I really like this approach. The only other series that I've read that in my opinion ran at a similar pace was David Weber & John Ringo's "Prince Roger" Series which is one my of my personal favorites.

As for the reader Mcloud Andrews, he's never done a book I didn't enjoy. Really looking forward to his up coming reading of Brandon Sanderson's "Calamity" in a few months.

There's only one thing I'm kinda worried about with this Series. Throughout the previous books Marie has made it clear that she doesn't want to kill anyone as much as possible. In this book, her reluctant warrior ideals really come to the front with her contrasting idea of needed to be in the thick of fighting, since she refuses to ask others to do what she would not do herself. I do hope her character figures out how to come to terms with these contrasting ideologies soon. While I think any good moral character will have to face this, if a character doesn't resolve this it can really destroy a book. The Eragon series was ruined in my opinion by this. Books 1 & 2 where great but books 3-4 is where Eragon feels loathing and self hatred over battles he partake a in. It really dulls a book where the hero is fighting in these crazy cool battles, cutting swathes through the enemy, but anytime it turned to Eargons thoughts its some version of "that poor soldiers family" or "I never wanted to kill anyone"... As long as this dilemma is solved for Marie in a relatively quick fashion I will stick with this series to the end.

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- Josh

An epic story continues!

Another highly enjoyable, fast paced chapter in the 'pillars of reality' series. It's fascinating to see how the characters develop and grow together with a truly epic task underway.
I can't wait for the next books to come out.
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- Alison Van Hees

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-12-2016
  • Publisher: Audible Studios