The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All: Revised and Expanded : The Oldest Living Vampire

  • by Joseph Duncan
  • Narrated by Ian M. Walker
  • Series: The Oldest Living Vampire
  • 10 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

"My legal name where I currently reside in the city of Liege, Belgium, is Gaspar Valessi. But that is not my real name. The name I was given some 30,000 years ago, when I was born in a Paleolithic settlement in the region that is now called Germany - the name my father gave me shortly after I was voided, bloody and howling, from my mother's womb - is Gon."
So begins the saga of the immortal Gon, a 30,000 year-old vampire. This, the first volume of his memoirs, recounts his mortal life in prehistoric Germany alongside his male companion, Brulde, and his two wives, the Neanderthal Eyya and his Cro-Magnon mate, Nyala. It details the fearsome events that lead to his transformation from man to undying monster.
This revised and expanded edition includes new material, adding depth to much-loved characters and more fully realizing the author's vision of the oldest living vampire and the prehistoric world that gave birth to him. By turns beautiful and subversive, poetic and seductive, The Oldest Living Vampire Saga is like no other vampire series you've ever heard!


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Customer Reviews

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I did like several parts of the story

My thoughts on the cover of The Oldest Living Vampire by Joseph Duncan are the guy looks like Vlad the Impaler. It is not very spooky looking or anything; it is more like what people picture when they think of old vampires.

The main character is Gon, a vampire that is over 30,000 years old. This whole story is told from his point-of-view on his life before and after he became a vampire. Gon has some nice qualities; he has a sort of dry humor that will catch the reader/listener at random. He is VERY old fashioned in his thinking though. That is both a plus and a minus. On the plus side it is because it helps show his life before he became a vampire; a minus because Gon seems to be more focused on his life before vampirism. It seems to be way too much in this story.

I found the descriptions of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon people and life very interesting. It helped set the frame of mind to the reader that it was a very long time ago. Downside was that it took the story over seven hours before it gets to Gon facing his maker and becoming a vampire. This story is not fast paced to get to the heart of the story at all.

I did not like several of the more graphic scenes involving children. Even though Gon explains they are there to show the reader the difference between then and now, I do not believe that to be true. This book could have progressed very well without them. Also, fair warning to future readers/listeners if you are in a public situation, this is not a book to have playing on speakers. Headphones are a must because of the graphic nature of several scenes in this book. These scenes include sex and graphic violence. Warning – Not for young readers; I would not recommend for anyone under the age of legal consent.

This is an ok-ish book. I liked several things about it, but what I didn’t like was the sex scenes involving children. That was a bit too graphic and disturbing for me. They were in there at random places. One minute the story was progressing sluggishly, and then the next children are having sex. In fact, it kept bringing up the ‘sexual nature’ of children a few times after that. Nope, not cool. Thankfully the main character soon aged into an adult so the children ‘sexuality’ went away.

I think the author was trying to make the story have a feel kind of like The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel, but it fell short of that mark. It was just to off putting to me to give it a good rating. I cannot in all fairness suggest it as a good read to others. I did like several parts of the story, but overall it would not be something I would ever read again.

The Author is Joseph Duncan. The Narrator is Ian M. Walker. I liked the narrator’s voice. He has a lovely accent. I do wish that he had read the other character’s voices in different tones to help distinguish them better, but overall it was enjoyable. I recommend it not be listened to it all in one setting though. The tone of voice had me zoning out several times when I listened to the story for too long. This book is ten hours and fourteen minutes long.

This story left me very glad I live in this era. Not that I would know the difference if I lived in that era, but from my perspective of living now looking back to then…I am very happy to be alive now. It is amazing that humans managed to stay alive with so many elements fighting to kill them off. How many of us would really last a day in Gon’s time? I don’t believe I would have lasted long at all. So yes, I am very happy to be alive now and I am very thankful I don’t have to fight off plants or animals to stay alive daily.

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Some clarification.

Any additional comments?


I am the narrator and I just wanted to give some clarification as it seems some audio book listeners don't realise a few things.

Though we narrate the book we are usually given direction by the author since it is actually their book.

We can give some push back, of course, as this will be OUR performance, but it is a collaborative effort.

This is only my second full audio book and my director (author) wanted no character voices or accents. He wanted it told almost as a monologue since it is the main protagonist telling the entire story.

Finally, Gon is 30,000-years-old so he has seen and done it all. He may sound as though he does not have much energy but that is because he is the most laid-back person there can be. He has no need to shout and rage. He is is just telling his story. One that is almost inconceivable in length and scope.

I really appreciate ALL reviews. I just wanted to add this in case people don't realise what goes on "behind the scenes". :)


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- Ian M. Walker of Walker's Words "Ian M. Walker"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-29-2015
  • Publisher: Joseph Duncan