The Mammoth Hunters : Earth's Children

  • by Jean M. Auel
  • Narrated by Sandra Burr
  • Series: Earth's Children
  • 31 hrs and 48 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

An epic novel of love, knowledge, jealousy, and hard choices.Ayla, the independent heroine of the Earth's Children series, sets out from the valley on Whinney, the horse she tamed. With her is Jondalar, the tall, handsome, yellow-haired man she nursed back to health and came to love. Together they meet Mamutoi - the Mammoth Hunters - people like Ayla. But to Ayla, who was raised by the Clan of the Cave Bear, they are the "Others". She approaches them with a mixture of fear and curiosity.It is the Mamutoi master carver of ivory - dark-skinned Ranec, flirtatious, artistic, magnetic - who Ayla finds herself drawn to the most. Because of her uncanny control over animals, her healing skills, and the magic firestone she discovers, Ayla is adopted into the Mammoth Hearth by Mamut, the ancient shaman of the Great Earth Mother.Ayla finds herself torn between her strong feelings for Ranec and her powerful love for the wildly jealous and unsure Jondalar. It is not until after the great mammoth hunt, when Ayla's life is threatened, that a fateful decision is made.


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Customer Reviews

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Exciting 3rd episode in this 'Mammoth' series

At over 30 hours, this listen will last you a lot of commuting drives! I enjoyed it a great deal and just can't figure out why all the negative reviews. Yes, there is oral sex..not much and it really isn't 'bad', but loving. Much better than the brutal attack on our heroine by the mean guy whyo rapes her. The sex in this book is very loving and simply part of the story. AND, I don't think a bit of sex turns a historical novel int 'chick lit'..really guys...get over yourself. Also, many people seem to resent the author repeating significant points from the first 2 books. I have read that Auel wanted each to be a 'stand alone' book, and thur the need for repetition of the information on material already covered in Books 1 and 2. I didn't fine it at all annoying..iy is just part of the story line.

I was most impressed with the extrapolation writer Auel has done to flesh out her characters, their society and rules and mores. We can't really know what the Clan or the Others were really like, but Auel has made their society into one that sounds much like any large family group. I especially enjoyed the summer gathering, where there is always and nasty uncle Ned and a bitchy aunt Bertha. The ritual around making young girls into women is well written and very believable, IMO.

I'm glad I purchased the 4th book of the series, even though, again, there are a bunch of negative reviews. I agree that the first 2 books were hard acts to follow, but I'm also glad Auel has done some changing up of the directions of the story.

If you've enjoyed 'Clan of the Cave Bear and the 'Valley of the Horses" I'm guessing you'll also enjoy 'The Mammoth Hunters".
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- Elle

Great insights but fades into prurient

I read these novels when they were first published, when I was working towards a BS in Biology. My faculty adviser recommended Book 1. I was young when I first picked up the books in this series, and loved the whole series. I had never read romance novels, so I guess I was naive. Revisiting the series 20 years later, I realize the constant sex scenes are repetitious in the phrases, settings, circumstances, and dialog to the point of being boring, akin to romance novels that fill voids with prurient content. The effort to make each novel "free-standing" is distracting and boring, and shows that the editors think that the reader is so stupid as to not remember, and hope they can make additional profits when the bookstore browser picks up a book in the middle of the series.

Ms. Auel has produced a great work of historical fiction for an era rarely tackled, except in approximation in fantasy novels. I'm sorry she chose to switch genres from historical fiction to romance novel with gratuitous sex and endless reprise.
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- Mary

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-30-2008
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio