The Lost Fleet: Galactic Search : The Slaver Wars: Lost Fleet

  • by Raymond L. Weil
  • Narrated by Liam Owen
  • Series: The Slaver Wars: Lost Fleet
  • 7 hrs and 57 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The battle at the galactic center had been a great victory for the Federation and the Alliance but at a tremendous cost. The Battleship Avenger and her fleets had vanished being drawn into a great white vortex at the moment of victory. For over four years, the mystery of what happened to the Avenger has haunted the Federation.
The last two survivors of the Special Five have built a powerful exploration cruiser to go off in search of the lost fleets. They are convinced that the fleets have survived and are trapped in another galaxy. What they find in their search will be a threat to the Federation far greater than the AIs and the Hocklyns had ever been. The fate of thousands of worlds will depend on the Distant Horizon finding those that were lost and stopping this new and dangerous menace.
In former Hocklyn space, the Borzon and the Shari are on the move. Their fleets are seizing large areas to add to their own Slave Empires. Admiral Race Tolsen and Third Fleet are sent to push the Borzon and Shari back to ensure the recently freed worlds don't once more fall into slavery. Unknown to Admiral Tolsen is the fact that he has an important role to play in the survival of the lost fleets, as well as the galaxy.


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Customer Reviews

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I just couldn't keep going

Usually I can't wait for the opportunities to listen to my book. This one was always a letdown. "Okay, let's get back to my book! What was I reading? Oh, that. Do I have to?"

Other reviewers have commented on the narration. They are not wrong. Everyone is frantic, not how good bridge crews should act. Wrong inflections all over the place. I have dissed several narrators, but usually you get used to whatever is annoying you and it annoys you less. That didn't happen here, it remained annoying.

My mind wandered a lot while listening, but every time I paid attention, the same things were happening. It was hard to tell if I had missed anything. I don't even care anymore if they find the missing fleet.

A line like "It was obvious he cared about her safety" is a bad line. Those words are a writer's note to himself to develop that relationship and to SHOW us that he cared. The happy reunions between several couples were eye-rolling 13-year-old stuff. Things like that made the writing amateurish.

I almost always listen to the end thinking it is only fair to the author to see how things wind up. I apologize, but I am going to drop this one. I see there's a new Jack Campbell (the REAL Lost Fleet) coming next week, and I will go reread the prior one to refresh myself.
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- Trudy Owens


I just finished the entire series and I loved it. The narrator is fantastic and really develop the characters and provides consistent back story that helps readers navigate between the books. .. But not too much.
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- Timothy

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-29-2015
  • Publisher: Raymond L. Weil