The Heavenly Host : Demons of Astlan

  • by J. L. Langland
  • Narrated by Stephen Bel Davies
  • Series: Demons of Astlan
  • 27 hrs and 57 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Tom Perkinje, the reluctant Greater Demon and recent transplant from Harding, New Jersey, to the Abyss, has defeated and captured the not-so-valiant Sir Talarius, Knight Rampant of Tiernon, and has humiliated and demoralized the army known as the Rod of Tiernon. Unfortunately, to do so, he had to hack the mana streams between the god Tiernon and his High Priests, and now his buddies are telling him that Tiernon is going to send a Host to investigate this unprecedented event. Oh, and the fact that he reversed a Holy Artifact of Tiernon has not gone unnoticed, either. The folks upstairs are not pleased. His actions have completely disrupted the plans of not only the Rod of Tiernon but also the Sky Fleet of Oorstemoth, who had thought to bring Tom to justice for illegally destroying the ship trying to obliterate Tom and his friends. The two armies are now looking to unite and rescue Talarius and arrest Tom (permanently). Of course, there are also the three Arch Demons trying to steal a book that Lenamare, Tom's Accursed Master, stole from Oorstemoth, and whose demon horde had been infesting the wizard city of Freehold.


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Customer Reviews

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Book 2 builds up the pace of action and the scope

One thing the author has said about this series is to not consider each book a story unto itself like books in most series but as parts of the same book, going so far as to continuing the numbering of the chapters from the last book and continuing on in this one.
The narration for this books is still excellent and we shifted focus a little. In this and the next book we begin to see what was seen later in the Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time " series, a lot of action, with many viewpoints, occurring in many places over a short period of time.
If you get confused you shouldn't deny your self the excellent digital book version kindle has . They really outdid themselves in that version with all kinds of links in the books to sections in the back that offer much deeper explanations of the world, its creatures and the rules that govern this multiverse. I found my self referencing it quite often for the first two books of this series when I read it on kindle.

Those of you coming to this series for the first time are in luck. I had to what more than year between book 1 and 2. When book three came out I found it by accident. A very suprising and pleasent gift to myself. So you have the added ad\vantage of not only listen to the excellent book 1 but to continue only a month later with book 2. I envy you chance to listen to it fresh for the first time.

In the last a book a human at a part was smoking some special weed called "Demon Weed" that caused our protagonist Tom to astral project to the Astral plane where some ignorant and crazy wizards bound his soul as a demon with spells and unknowingly turning him into one as well as killing his human body. Over a month he has fought demons, wizards and servants of some very real gods. Including a champion Knight called Telerious, who with his fellow servants cheated in a one on one fight with Tom, according Tom stole magic mana from Telerious god, Tiernon and then cast Tel into the Abyss. But he isn't lonely he has all those demons to keep him company, Most of which were also souls of mortal races cast into the Abyss from other universes by wizards who thought their souls unbound demons.

But now the reaction to Toms theft of knight and Mana are occurring. The demons all want to know who Tom is and how it did that and the god Tiernon is sending his avatars (Agnels and saints) which are basically opposite existences similar to thse of demons to investigate and rescue Telerious.
Things are looking more overwhelming for Tom than ever. He finds a seat of power called Mount Doom (TM) which comes with more power and an army of D'Orks (demon orcs) and everyone thinks tome is the reincarnation of some ancient demon prince due to a suspicious prophecy that seems very exact.

We also learn more about the history of Astlan and the various races of elves, orcs and the political machinations of Gods and demons. Will listen again.
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- Amazon Customer

A different story

This book is much slower than book one and has an order of magnitude more plot points than the first. I really like the series but was fairly sure that I enjoyed book one more than the second one all the way up until the last few seconds, the ending of this book was so good though that I have to say they are tied for first in my mind. I especially liked the way the gen communicated with colors and sents, they were really cool. Im looking forward to the next book, don't hesitate to buy but please adjust your expectations to fit with the slower pacing so you aren't disappointed.
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- Jack Brown

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-06-2017
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio