The Fires of Heaven : Wheel of Time

  • by Robert Jordan
  • Narrated by Kate Reading, Michael Kramer
  • Series: Wheel of Time
  • 36 hrs and 34 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In this sequel to the phenomenal New York Times best seller The Shadow Rising, Robert Jordan again plunges us into his extraordinarily rich, totally unforgettable world: ...Into the forbidden city of Rhuidean, where Rand al'Thor, now the Dragon Reborn, must conceal his present endeavor from all about him, even Egwene and Moiraine.
...Into the Amyrlin's study in the White Tower, where Amyrlin, Flaida do Avriny a 'Roihan, is weaving new plans.
...Into the luxurious hidden chamber where the Forsaken Rahvin is meeting with three of his fellows to ensure their ultimate victory over the Dragon.
...Into the Queen's court in Caemlyn, where Morgase is curiously in thrall to the handsome Lord Gaebril.
For once the Dragon walks the land, the fires of Heaven fall where they will, until all men's lives are ablaze. And in Shayol Ghul, the Dark One stirs.


What the Critics Say

"Jordan deftly weaves details from previous books into this narrative." (Publishers Weekly)
"Fires of Heaven upholds the very high standards of this major fantasy epic, with battle scenes, comic interludes, and character development all reaching perhaps the highest point in a work that has lacked for none of these." (Booklist)
"Jordan's epic saga of a world threatened by evil incarnate builds steadily as separate strands of a complex plot begin to come together. Fans of this richly detailed and vividly imagined series will not be disappointed." (Library Journal)


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Sigh - are you sick of this stuff yet?

I have really tried to like these books, I had a hard time with the first one, but after plowing through it I was pleasantly surprised by books 2, 3 and 4 actually being pretty good. This 5th book unfortunately stalls and when not boring me to sleep it annoyed me back to listening to the radio for a while.

OK, WE GET IT, the men think the women are stubborn and the women think the men are stubborn and stupid. Lay off it already and get back to the plot perhaps? Books 2-4 still had some of this pointless, childish, annoying and now extremely tiring battle of the sexes stuff, but at least it didn't detract from the main storyline. Every time this book switches to the female reader I groan because all Nineveh al'Meara does is annoy me. Jordan should take a lesson from George R.R. Martin and the Song of Fire and Ice series - make the good characters likeable, make the evil characters the annoying ones. This book does the exact opposite for most of the time. Considering that 98% of the point of view is from the good characters perspective it makes for a long read. Nineveh al'Meara finally gets served some humble pie in this book, but even that just makes her more frustrating to read about.

My rating is a 3 instead of a 1 or 2 because there are a couple good, but short chapters from Matt's perspective. He's evolved into the most interesting character.

One other complaint with the series as a whole - do you think it would have been too hard for the narrators to sit down for a coffee and agree on a set of pronunciations for such minor details as character names and geographic locations?

I'll continue to read this series, assuming the rest come out unabridged. But I think a break and a few beers will be needed before reading 5 more books about how stubborn/stupid/arrogant/self-centered men/women are.
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- Josh

Great Series

I've really been enjoying this series, and was overjoyed to see that Audible got the unabridged version of the Fires of Heaven. I enjoyed this book immensely, and look forward to Audible getting the UNABRIDGED versions of the next 3 books (hint hint).
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Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-10-2005
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio