The Death : The Death Trilogy

  • by John W. Vance
  • Narrated by Guy Williams
  • Series: The Death Trilogy
  • 7 hrs and 59 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Death will find you... Devin Chase was just living his life, when the world changed in an instant. In the matter of a week a deadly virus known as The Death ravages the world killing over 90% of those infected. After six months in a self-imposed quarantine, he emerges into a new world. As he travels, he discovers others like him who are immune, but he also discovers that the world he knew is gone. It has been replaced with a savage and brutal one where the only rule is kill or be killed. Lori Roberts a mother, wife and business woman finds her world turned upside down from The Death. Her and what remains of her family travel to a FEMA camp for help, but what starts as hope for her turns into horror once she discovers what is really happening.
Separated by thousands of miles but connected by the same desire, both Devin and Lori will do what is necessary to survive.


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Customer Reviews

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Unintentionally hilarious!

I truly admire the narrator's ability to keep a straight face while reading dialogue like: "He's taken me prisoner and has insidious plans to rule the world." The story is a moronic right wing fantasy of evil liberals killing off 90% of the world's population to build a one-world government while shutting up most of the survivors into FEMA death camps. One-dimensional characters behave in preposterous ways to move along a storyline in which very little actually happens. Just dumb.
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- Steve Welch "Tweedman"

Review of The Death

First off I think it only fair to say I was provided with a free copy of the book so that I could post a review. So with that being said here is my review.

In any review I really do not like to write about the content of the book just because you usually get all that from the editors notes or the description from where you are buying it. Plus it is really hard to cover the content of the book without giving away key points and plot twists. So I will keep my review to basic aspects about the story line an very little about the actually story itself. From the title and the genre you should by know this is a book about an apocalyptic event that befalls the world in the form of a virus being released.

One of the first things I liked about the book is that you are not barraged by a myriad of characters in this book. When you read A Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin you are introduced to so many characters it is almost impossible to keep them all straight (an before all you Game of Thrones fan boy start ragging on me….I love that series and have read all five books. But I know more than a few people who have given up because they could not keep track of all the characters). The other thing I enjoyed about this book was the rawness of it. The characters in the book who “the good guys” do not live some magically charmed life. They get hurt, they get shot and not all of them make it to the end of the book. The other thing I really enjoyed was the fact that there are no super soldiers. It seems like allot of other books the main character always seems to run into a former Navy SEAL or ex DELTA guy or at the very least a former military Sniper an suddenly amazing feats of violence or unreal action scenes are there by made believable. Not in this book. For the most part these are just normal people who have to survive in very trying times. Characters get tired and have to rest, they suffer scrapes, cuts, and bruises. It really develops to feeling of exertion and the toll that the fight for survival takes on the mind and body. I really liked that. The plot line starts out a little slow and one does have to grind through the first part of the book but I would say that after the first third of the book things pick up fast and things really get intense. I lost one good night of sleep to this book finishing up the last two hours of it.

While not giving away any of the plot, there was a last minute development that I found kind of cliche. But I will have to see how the author handles this in future books of the series. Overall I found the book entertaining and a great read. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
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- Jim "Hired.Geek"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-03-2014
  • Publisher: John W. Vance