The Borrowed World : The Borrowed World

  • by Franklin Horton
  • Narrated by Kevin Pierce
  • Series: The Borrowed World
  • 7 hrs and 54 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In a night of devastating terror, ISIS operatives have unleashed a coordinated attack on America's infrastructure. Life as we know it in America grinds to a halt as the electrical grid collapses, communication networks are damaged, critical bridges and dams are destroyed, and major fuel refineries go up in massive fiery clouds. When the government responds by immediately halting fuel sales to the public, Jim Powell finds himself in a terrifying predicament - trapped five hundred miles from home with a group of coworkers.
With thousands of trapped travelers and scarce law enforcement, the miles between Jim and his family become a brutal gauntlet where the rules of civilized society no longer apply. As Jim puts his years of preparation and planning to the test, he is forced to ask himself if he has what it takes to make it home. Does he have the strength - the brutality - required to meet this new world toe-to-toe?


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Close and personal story of the apocalypse

I've read many 'end of the world' books. Some supernatural ends, some aliens, some invasion stories, some nuclear... this book treads many of the well worn paths of those stories, but it takes a somewhat different tact to most of what I have read.

Most stories like this fall into the "end of the world only just happened" or "it happened ages ago and we are just surviving" stories. This is the former, yet other than an opening chapter/prologue that goes into a bit of the events leading up to the attacks that cause the end of the world Horton doesn't really describe the action and events. We don't really see anything at all from the POV of our characters, because none were there. There is speculation and some small news reports talking of the damage but nothing clear. Our characters are not involved in the major events, they are the small people that get caught up in the results of it.

In this was it reminds me most of William R. Forstchen's "One Second After", showing a small town and the events that occur because of the attacks.

The book follows two groups - Jim Powell and some co-workers, trying to get home, and Jim's wife and kids on their farm. The wife and kids part reminds me very much of Forstchen's book and covers very similar grounds - buying up suppliers, dealing with lack of power and fuel, protecting the property. it is enjoyable but nothing I haven't read before.

Jim's story is the more interesting one and in fact works as a nice counterpart of Forstchen's book, in that Forstchen's characters must deal with travelers and an influx into their town and this book is from the POV of one of those travelers and what it is like to be the outsider trying to get in (or through).

As always in these books the world goes to shit, some people are good some turn super selfish and our characters have to deal with it.

The book is a bit of a preppers and gun lovers book, as that is what the main character is. despite being on a work trip he has his prep bag in case something goes wrong and thus has stuff he can use (like night vision goggles and ration packs etc). it also allows for a small 2nd amendment "aren't you all lucky we have guns" rant from one of the characters

There is also attitude throughout the book that everyone who is poor must not want to work and just wants handouts from everyone else. It's not characters espousing it, it's part of the narration and (I guess) a part of Horton's outlook. This reduces 'the poor' in the book to a stereotype and, in my opinion, weakens the book.

Beyond the story the actual writing is a bit all over the place. It switches between 1st person for Jim's story and 3rd person for the rest. yet during Jim's story he tells of things that he cannot possibly know. At one point he talks about some guy who lost a kid when the kid was in the army and recently had a wife die, so therefore doesn't care if he dies as well. the problem is Jim has never spoken to this guy (and never does because he gets himself killed 3 seconds later) so there is no way Jim knows what he knows. Horton accidentally slips into 3rd person omniscience halfway through a 1st person chapter.


Narration by Kevin Pierce is pretty good. He has a husky "manly" voice that really suits Jim's character. the other characters, and parts where we focus on Jim's family don't fit as well. Pierce differentiates characters well enough, without doing actual individual voices. He puts inflection and feeling into the reading as needed.

Certainly easy and enjoyable to listen to.

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- Kingsley

adventurous and exciting right from the beginning

This is your 2-in-1 kind of book including a tutorial about what to do in an apocalypse like situation and also a nice story neatly encapsulating that tutorial part of the book. For anyone looking for what happened to lead to an end of the world kind of situation, this isn’t good for you, it’s rather about what all you should expect or may be hints to avoid dying in such a scene.

Jim is one of those guys who is paranoid about “anything might happen” and has always a backup plan ready. His paranoia is what helps him and his family to get through these appalling circumstances. To justify Jim’s character about being paranoid but smart, he has actually prepared a training journal for his wife mentioning all “what to if this happens” type solutions.

The story is interleaves between Jim’s journey from a business trip to home and his wife trying protect herself and her two kids from the predators. The writing style is pretty seamless and the flow of the story continues not confusing you about the two accounts running parallel.

The narration by Kevin Pierce was quite extraordinary even though the narrator never used a female voice for the female characters, yet the idea was clear and crisp. The production had some minor issues, there was a scratchy sound sometimes but you’d only notice it if you were listening to it in a very quiet surrounding with no single external voice around.

This book is short enough to finish it quickly and has all the elements of suspense, thrill and drama. It’s gets adventurous and exciting right from the beginning, directly cut to the chase and getting it right till the very end. The end, however, makes sure that you would want to keep going to the second book.

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Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-02-2015
  • Publisher: Franklin Horton