The Battle : Play to Live

  • by D. Rus
  • Narrated by Michael Goldstrom
  • Series: Play to Live
  • 10 hrs and 17 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Russian cluster. The ground shakes as the enemy approaches. The angered gods frown as they look down from the sky.
Intelligence agencies are locked in a brutal fight. Hundreds of thousands of sentient beings happily slaughter each other. This is no longer a game quest nor a petty fight between clans over some land rich in resources. This is war! A war of civilizations, religions, and all the dimensions of the world.
The Earth weeps in pain. The astral beings turn away in horror. Burning castle towers collapse to the ground. Stones melt in the heat. The enemy is coming. Refugees flood the Valley. Alliance members are joining forces.
Max is not just a clan leader anymore. He is the Chief, the head of the resistance. And you have no choice but to fight; you are the hope of the children and the thousands of innocents. They have entrusted you with their lives.


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Customer Reviews

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A complete and utter disaster of a book. I made it through an hour and sorely wish I could get that time back for my life. Disorganized and overtly bad, more like the rough draft of a drunk or lunatic. Such a shame, as the first few books were really rather good. Worst book I have downloaded from Audible, which is saying something.
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- Charlie

Very disappointing, sadly....

Any additional comments?

I've lost my respect for the main character, or maybe just the author. The first four books were great, but you'd think that the threads holding our world together with this world would dispel the heavy nationalism in this book. There would be a decline of nationalities and why segregate when it's a fantasy world and the computer auto-translates? Given that the character idolizes Stalin who was a villainous turd in WW2. Though I forget if it was this book or the last in which he returns slaves to the Chinese because they are not Russian. Which makes me feel he is xenophobic or something to that regard. Of course, all the chest pounding, we are Russian we are in the right began to loose me. Perhaps maybe the translators should have translated this book should have left that nationalism junk out. Other translated books I've read don't even go to the extreme of how this book does and they are more enjoyable.

If this D.Rus was an American author I'm sure he'd be have his main protagonist riding a bald eagle while waving an american flag while screaming,"I am american and I'm in the right! bow down the greatness that is my nationalism." Where is the escapism in this? As other books like perimeter defense for example, the main character is forgetting about their real life self and becoming a part of their new environment.

The sexism that others are talking about, I really didn't notice it too much. As there are some strong female leads in this series. Just the chest pounding nationalism just came at me in too heavy a dose for me in this book.

I'm going to call it quits with his series and just remember the first four since those were the really good listens.

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- Adam B Winters

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-28-2016
  • Publisher: Audible Studios