The Aftermath : The Asteroid Wars

  • by Ben Bova
  • Narrated by Emily Janice Card, Gabrielle de Cuir, Stephen Hoye, Stefan Rudnicki
  • Series: The Asteroid Wars
  • 12 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In the wake of the Asteroid Wars that tore across the solar system, Victor Zacharius makes his living running the ore-carrier Syracuse. With his wife and two children, he plies the Asteroid Belt, hauling whatever cargo can be found. When the Syracuse stumbles into the middle of a military attack on the habitat Chrysalis, Victor flees in a control pod to draw the attacker's attention away from his family. Now, as his wife and children plunge into the far deeps of space, Victor has been rescued by the seductive Cheena Madagascar. He must do her bidding if he's to have a prayer of ever seeing his family again.
Elverda Apacheta is the solar system's greatest sculptor. The cyborg Dorn was formerly Dorik Harbin, the ruthless military commander responsible for the attack on Chrysalis. Their lives and destinies have been linked by their joint discovery of the alien artifact that had, earlier, profoundly affected industrialist Martin Humphries. Similarly transformed by the artifact's mysterious powers, Apacheta and Dorn now prowl the Belt, determined to find the bodies of the many victims of Harbin's atrocities so that they can be given proper burials.
Kao Yuan is the captain of Viking, owned by Martin Humphries, who's determined to kill Dorn and Elverda because they know too much about the artifact and its power over him. But the Viking's second-in-command, Tamara Vishinsky, appears to have the real power on board ship.
When the Viking catches up to Apacheta and Dorn, their confrontation begins a series of events involving them, the Zacharius family, and Martin Humphries and his son in the transformation of the human solar system.


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Customer Reviews

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So Disappointing!

I simply do not understand why an author forces me to spend time with people I have no reason to like. That's what every scene with the family was like. I kept saying out loud, "Enough Already!". The banter between the mother, son and daughter is especially intolerable! The father has no redeeming character traits. Characters that I used to have some respect for are either non-existant in this story, or they force the father into slave labor and are irrational.

This should have been an novel exploring the meaning, purposes and effects of the alien artifact of which Humpries was so terrified at the end of the previous story. It was by far the most interesting part of that book. And I think Bova must have known how weak the substance of "Silent Wars" was to have opened the book with a tease of the Artifact, only to reveal its complete inconsequence to the story line at the end of the book. So the reader/listener is left thinking, what about the artifact?!? Bova has proven his abilities to write about such ideas in entertaining ways (see Voyagers).

I bought this book thinking I would find out the answers. Instead, I was tortured by listening to the whims of one-dimensional and seemingly irredeemable characters. Each character played their stereotypical part. And the alien object that could have proven to be the salvation of the story, the whole book itself for that matter, is treated like an unwanted step child that Ben Bova must have wished he had never introduced into this world.

None of my disappointment is due to the readers themselves. They do their best to save this story with their excellent and talented reading skills. But the book was fundamentally flawed when the outline for its plot was first written down.

If you've enjoyed the first three books, and I did somewhat, don't bother with this one. It does not contain the answers to the tease at the end of "Silent War". Its just not there. Sorry.
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- John

A departure from previous Asteroid series

This was a departure from the rest of the asteroid wars series. It take from one small part of the previous book and goes off in a tangeant that is unexpected. There is virtually no use of the main characters from the earlier books, and those that are used really have had such a personality change that they are different characters.

While The Aftermath is still an intering book, it is not a true continuation. It is really a standalone book on it's own utilizing some of the same names and events.
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- Ron

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-06-2007
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio