The 17th Irregulars : 299 Days

  • by Glen Tate
  • Narrated by Kevin Pierce
  • Series: 299 Days
  • 13 hrs and 33 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In some ways, post-Collapse life at Pierce Point resembles the everyday normalcy that Grant and others still hoped would return. The community is organized and humming along smoothly, the young guys on the Team are partnering off with local “Team Chicks”, and Grant's daughter has found a boyfriend. For most, the new reality has been accepted and a calm, self-sustaining groove is setting in. For others, though, life is far from normal. Special Forces Ted returns with an offer that cannot be refused. In the blink of an eye, Grant Matson has another title he can add to father-of-the-year and prepper-in-chief: Lieutenant Grant Matson, Commander of the 17th Irregulars.
Grant and the Team are whisked away to Marion Farm, where they will train civilians and be trained to become a special squad in a Special Forces guerrilla group. The slower, simple life at Pierce Point is about to disappear to make way for a community that is well-trained and battle-ready, posed to fight the Loyalist opposition. This cannot happen fast enough, though. Gangs are growing steadily and the government is becoming a bigger threat to freedom and the nation. Violence is turning into an everyday occurrence outside of Pierce Point, and it is only a matter of time before the peaceful community will need to protect itself from external dangers. Grant feels the weight on his shoulders as he now needs to protect not just his family, but the entire community, and possibly, all of Washington State.


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Glen Tate Nails it Again

Would you consider the audio edition of The 17th Irregulars to be better than the print version?

For those of us who are on the road a lot this is the perfect way to get your "reading" in and the audio version brings the book alive.

What was one of the most memorable moments of The 17th Irregulars?

Glen Tate's insight into human nature and reaction during a crisis is invaluable. The audio version sinks in more and it is easier to remember the principles behind this great work of fiction based on fact. Keep up the great work Glen Tate and Kevin Pierce!

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- Rep. Matt Shea


Just finished this book as well as the first chapter preview of Book 7 and I must admit that I'm getting a bit bored with this series. I gave the first book a good rating, and still do, even after I waited to write the review after completing book 4. This series started out as a down to earth and realistic view of the world today, and the near future, and made sense that society wouldn't collapse and turn Mad Max after just a few days. I accept the drama over action because I believe that's a more practical reality than expecting to live as a gun slinging ninja when the sectors of our nation start to crumble. Sure, some will need to make hard choices but not constantly. Therefore, understand that this series, though well written, is a slow drama with only a few moments of action, so far.

Having said that, I'm at the point where I think I'm going to give this series a rest and move on to other books for a while. I'm still interested to find out how the rest of the series plays out, but I'm not ready to invest another 20+ hours to do so right now. So far I'd have to agree with other reviewers and say that this whole series should have been condensed to 4 books or fewer. I listened to an interview with the author on a podcast and he mentioned that the last book was mostly a bunch of speeches. Can you say boring or anticlimactic? I'll read the reviews and make my determination to buy it if and when I get there.

My one criticism about this series so far, apart from the dragging storyline, is the main character Grant. At first he came across as your average guy, but now he's always the smartest person in a room... I guess the arrogant lawyer has surfaced. In addition Grant can seem to do nothing wrong, even though he lies, or hides important info from his own family. Finally, It seems the whole collapse scenario was custom tailored just for Grant. And Grant's wife has to be the most stubborn princess... I guess that's second criticism.

Overall, a good series. I can't say that I'd ever listen to it again though. FWIW, Mark Goodwin's "American Exit Strategy" series was a better listen.
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- G Wallace "I love me some audiobooks"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-26-2014
  • Publisher: Sellerman & Sweeney, LLC