Storm from the Shadows : Honor Harrington (Saganami)

  • by David Weber
  • Narrated by Jay Snyder
  • Series: Honor Harrington (Saganami)
  • 31 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Rear Admiral Michelle Henke was commanding one of the ships in a force led by Honor Harrington in an all-out space battle. The odds were against the Star Kingdom forces, and they had to run. But Michelle's ship was crippled, and had to be destroyed to prevent superior Manticoran technology from falling into Havenite hands, and she and her surviving crew were taken prisoner. Much to her surprise, she was repatriated to Manticore, carrying a request for a summit conference between the leaders of the two sides which might end the war. But a condition of her return was that she gave her parole not to fight against the forces of the Republic of Haven until she had been officially exchanged for a Havenite prisoner of war, so she was given a command far away from the war's battle lines. What she didn't realize was that she would find herself on a collision course, not with a hostile government, but with the interstellar syndicate of criminals known as Manpower. And Manpower had its own plans for eliminating Manticore as a possible threat to its lucrative slave trade, deadly plans which remain hidden in the shadows.


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Customer Reviews

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Important for the Honorverse Story!

A well told story set in the "honorverse" a must listen for all who follow the series or the next "main line" book Mission of Honor will not make alot of sense.

I want to point out to the negative reviews that this is the 14th book in the Honor Harrington Series, while marketed as a sequel to The Shadow of Saganami it is not truly a sequel, infact the author does not think of it as a sequel but as a major part in the main story.

if you do not it will not make sense to you and will leave you feeling like the negative reviewers

now i do have a bit of a negative, and that is the reader. he mispronounces Manticoran as Man TIC orin. and his female voices are poorly done, should have been 2 readers 1 male, 1 female
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- Daniel

Good story - needs a different narrator

I am a fan of Mr. Weber's work and have read the other books in the series. I enjoyed the story and the view into other pieces of the Honorverse. I will echo some of the other reviews - this is not a good place to start the series, nor is it a stand alone novel. Without the introduction given by previous previous novels to many of the characters, I'd find it impossible to keep them straight and wonder why I cared about them. If you have read the rest of the series however, you gain further insight into characters that have played a supporting role before.

The story was intriguing, and clearly is setting us up for the next chapter in the Honorverse. I feel like Mr. Weber found himself with too many Havenite characters that he respected/admired for them to continue to be the bad guys, and went looking for a more vile villain. Thus enters ManPower as more than just greedy, unscrupulous minor players but as an organized conspiracy with a bigger, more ambitious agenda.

My criticism of this audio book is with the audio. As other reviewers have noted, the narrator is not adept at female voices. With so many of them, including the main character, it was a distinct distraction. Coupled with his mispronunciation of "Manticoran" (ManTICoran instead of MantiCORan) I found the narration to interfere with the story.

I also found that parts of Mr. Weber's writing style just don't translate well into spoken word. He tends to add a lot of numerical and technical detail in his stories that I thoroughly enjoy when reading hardcopy, but make for clunky narration. When writing about "meters per second" (and other such descriptors) the m/s is nothing but a visual blip - easily ignored by the reader if they so chose. Spoken out it starts to intrude into the narrative and interrupts the flow of information.

Overall a good book, if you're a fan of the series I'd go for it. If not, start with On Basilisk Station
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- C.

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-03-2009
  • Publisher: Audible Studios