Star Trek, Voyager: Mosaic (Adapted)

  • by Jeri Taylor
  • Narrated by Kate Mulgrew
  • 3 hrs and 0 mins
  • Original recording Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Captain Kathryn Janeway, commander of the Starship Voyager, is fighting a desperate battle on two fronts: while she duels the Kazon warship in the gaseous mists of a murky nebula, an Away Team led by Lt. Tuvok is trapped on the surface of a wilderness planet. Forced to choose between the lives of the Away Team and the safety of her ship, Captain Janeway reviews the most important moments of her life, and the pivotal choices that made her the woman she is today. From her childhood to Starfleet Academy, from her first love to her first command, she must once again face the challenges and conflicts that have brought her to the point where she must now risk everything to put one more piece in the mossaic that is Kathryn Janeway.


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Customer Reviews

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Relaxing and enjoyable

I love that Kate Mulgrew narrated this book. It adds so much depth to the reading. The story was enjoyable and I always wanted to hear more.

I have to admit that Voyager wasn't my favorite Star Trek and Janeway wasn't even my favorite Captain. But maybe I've made a mistake.
I found this story engaging and engrossing. I cared about all the characters and I dearly wish that it had been longer.

I have no doubt I will re-listen to this book and I will buy more books narrated by Kate. She has a natural style that was very appealing. It's also obvious that she cares about the material in the loving way she gives passion to her reading.

Bravo Kate, and thank you.
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- Ben

Best Star Trek book I've heard yet!

Only Kate Mulgrew could have done this book justice. She IS Captain Janeway, as surely as William Shatner IS Captain Kirk... Everything about her narration of this story was delightful: pacing, inflections, and emotion were all spot on.

The story itself has three main threads running through it: milestones and character shaping events in Janeway's life, Tuvok and an away team stranded on a planet, and Voyager battling with the Kazon over said planet.

I most enjoyed the bits about Janeway's life. Kate Mulgrew really brings the young Katherine to life - you feel like you are there with her in her early life. The threads involving Tuvok, Kes, Harry, etc seemed to suffer somewhat from abridgement. Overall I wasn't terrifically interested in the these two other threads. There is one point where some Kazon meet a very gruesome end that I thought was unnecessarily grotesque and overdone. Fortunately this portion is brief. Overall, a most excellent and enjoyable listen. I really felt that the Janeway portions added a great deal of dimension to the character.
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- C

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-27-2000
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio