Son of the Black Sword : Saga of the Forgotten Warrior

  • by Larry Correia
  • Narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds
  • Series: Saga of the Forgotten Warrior
  • 16 hrs and 26 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Audie Award Finalist, Fantasy, 2016
After the War of the Gods, the demons were cast out and fell to the world. Mankind was nearly eradicated by the seemingly unstoppable beasts until the gods sent the great hero, Ramrowan, to save them. He united the tribes, gave them magic, and drove the demons into the sea. Ever since, the land has belonged to man, and the oceans have remained an uncrossable hell, leaving the continent of Lok isolated. It was prophesized that someday the demons would return, and only the descendants of Ramrowan would be able to defeat them. They became the first kings, and all men served those who were their only hope for survival.
As centuries passed, the descendants of the great hero grew in number and power. They became tyrannical and cruel and their religion nothing but an excuse for greed. Gods and demons became myth and legend, and the people no longer believed. The castes created to serve the Sons of Ramrowan rose up and destroyed their rulers. All religion was banned and replaced by a code of unflinching law. The surviving royalty and their priests were made casteless, condemned to live as untouchables, and the Age of Law began.
Ashok Vadal has been chosen by a powerful ancient weapon to be its bearer. He is a Protector, the elite militant order of roving law enforcers. No one is more merciless in rooting out those who secretly practice the old ways. Everything is black or white, good or evil, until he discovers his entire life is a fraud. Ashok isn’t who he thinks he is, and when he finds himself on the wrong side of the law, the consequences lead to rebellion, war - and destruction.


What the Critics Say

"This book has everything I like in fantasy: intense action scenes, evil in horrifying array, good struggling against the darkness, and most of all people - gorgeously flawed human beings faced with horrible moral choices that force them to question and change and grow." (Jim Butcher, creator of the New York Times best-selling Dresden Files)
“I loved the book, it was great, fast paced, with wonderful characters, and also a lot of wonderful scenes that screamed to be painted.” (Larry Elmore, legendary, award-winning artist and cover artist for Son of the Black Sword)
"Correia skillfully sets in motion this story of plots within plots, revealing complex, sympathetic characters and black-hearted villains with equal detail and insight. Full of action, intrigue, and wry humor, this exciting series launch promises many more thrills to come." (Publishers Weekly)


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

A Great Beginning to a new Epic Series

From the creator of “Monster Hunter International” and the “Grimnoir,” series one of my favorite authors, Larry Correia, has created a different world from his normal “pulp” fantasy; an intricate new world of swords, magic, and demons as he lays the foundation for his new epic series “Saga of the Forgotten Warrior.”
In book one, “Son of the Black Sword,” we meet Ashok Vadal, Protector of the law; a man tormented by the duty he has always unbendingly upheld, and the truth.
This is a fantastic tale as Mr. Correia begins with an amazing backstory worthy of “The Wheel of Time.” With believable and complex characters and great action scenes, if this is only book one I can’t imagine what is going to come.
The narrator, Tim Gerald Reynolds gives a great performance.
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- D "I read, I write; I listen"

Woo'd & Won

Any additional comments?

I’m typically a strictly urban sci-fi fantasy kind of a girl. Save for a few exceptions (think Tolkien, CS Lewis, Douglas Adams, Herbert and Orwell) I prefer my sci-fi/fantasy novels peppered with a hefty dose of the Now – this place in time and space. With trepidation, I downloaded this book on the strength of the author’s previous work. Nary a one of Correia’s books has ever failed to capture and hold my attention.

I downloaded. Lo and behold, abracadabra, shazaam!, I absolutely had myself an audio marathon. That my friends, is so entirely unusual for me, that I was honestly surprised that I enjoyed it so much. Excellent character development, an engaging plot line combine to make this a wonderful inauguration into what I hope will be a long series. And the narrator? Perfection.

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- Toriangirl

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-27-2015
  • Publisher: Audible Studios