Sojourn : Legend of Drizzt

  • by R. A. Salvatore
  • Narrated by Victor Bevine
  • Series: Legend of Drizzt
  • 10 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

R. A. Salvatore's New York Times best-selling novel! Drizzt DoUrden has forsaken his subterranean home for the harsh unknown of the surface. The young warrior begins a sojourn through a world utterly unlike his own - and finds that acceptance among the surface-dwellers will only come at a great price....


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I was very interested in the idea of the first book: taking the viewpoint of the Tolkien-style "evil" races and exploring an individual's experience and ethical growth in the face of an "evil" culture, leadership, and deity. I stuck through progressively worse books, all in hope the author was going to take that idea to its fruition.

I liked the story of the first book--despite the very week development of the mythology, history, and characters. I thought that the paper thin facade of the background story of "good" vs "evil" was just that--a "facade"--and that the author was setting it up just to tear it down in the second and third book (as a great trilogy author would). I put up with the lack of any rules to the character's abilities (a new magical ability or skill seems to pop out of thin air as the author needs it to push the story along). I also put up with the main character's inanate physical abilities (which conveniently for the story-telling are alternately awe inspiring and then insufficient throughout the series) AND WORSE innate "goodness" without any real explanation or development (only weak, underdeveloped hints as to the influence of the father or sister or third book "goddess/heart").

But to my great dismay, the second book was even less nuanced and only detracted from the depth of the character--adding in childish ("young adult") motivations, dialog, and actions. From this book forward, everyone he meets is either pure good (open minded, accepting, kind--always after a short adjustment period) or through and through "Cruella De Vil" evil (so borring!).

It got exponentially worse in the third and final book. The author almost entirely dropped the mythology of the first book; only at times making a surface nod towards a larger idea (e.g. the main character has issues with one of his abilities on the surface, but that is never explored). Worse the author exchanged the underdeveloped villains of the first and second book--who had some potential for depth/interest (spider goddess, main character's family, mercenary group) for pathetic caricatures of recycled Disney villians (mountain troll gang leader, then mountain orc gang leader, then vindictive mountain man).

Loved the original idea--hated the execution.
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- JPaladin

A great sense of adventure

This is the last and best book of the series. Book starts with Drizzt living in cave trying to make sense of an alien environment. At this point, reader knows enough about the character to really understand how one might feel and experience when face with such circumstances. Author did a great job of actually going through a lot of detail about how surface / light / environment impacted Drizzt. A small thing such as weather change, which we might take for granted, was not well understood by Drizzt.

Since a reader could feel for the character, book provides a great sense of adventure as if reader itself is walking out to the world for the first time. For seasoned readers, it is a sense that does not easily achieved and I really appreciated it.

Once somewhat comfortable with his new environment, Drizzt tries to establish relationships which really back fires. These attempts and his appearance / race lends him in trouble. There underline theme of pre-conceptions people have and how they are quick to judge based on appearance.

His attempts to establish relationships eventually bare fruits, and his adventure continues in a different direction.

All in all, this is a good book with a great sense of adventure. Narration seems correct for this type of book, and story zips along at a brisk pace. It is a good 3.5 to 4 star book. I liked the book enough that I will be picking up the next book from the author about the character.
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- Adnan

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-23-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios