Sector 64 Box Set : Sector 64

  • by Dean M. Cole
  • Narrated by Mike Ortego
  • Series: Sector 64
  • 22 hrs and 38 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Written by a Combat Pilot—Multi-Award-Winning Apocalyptic Thriller
The Sector 64 books, Ambush and Retribution, have over 200 5-Star reviews on Amazon with more than 20,000 downloads! Find out why!
What would you risk to save the world? Sandra just discovered she's pregnant. Then aliens invaded. Thrown to ground in the first attack, this fighter pilot might be the world's only hope. If you like action-packed, page-turning military thrillers, then you'll love the electrifying action in Dean M. Cole's apocalyptic audiobooks.
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Book One: Ambush
Independence Day meets The X-Files when Air Force fighter pilots Jake Giard and Sandra Fitzpatrick join a decades-old global conspiracy to integrate humanity into a galactic government. But when a galactic civil war spills onto our shores, plunging the planet into an otherworldly post-apocalyptic hell, can Jake and Sandy save humanity from extinction?
Book Two: Retribution
Air Force Fighter Pilots Jake Giard and Sandra Fitzpatrick saved the world … twice! But That Was Yesterday.
Following the apocalyptic events of Ambush, Jake must board and somehow control the advanced alien fleet of huge ships before they start falling into the Atlantic.
Yesterday, Captain Sandra Fitzpatrick learned she's pregnant. Then she helped save the world. Now, she must keep her condition a secret (even from Jake, the father to be). The remnants of humanity need Sandy and her cobbled together band of warriors to somehow master the alien technology.
If Jake and Sandy prevail, and if Earth's ravaged militaries can unite, can they adapt now outdated tactics to the limitless battlefield of space?
And when dark galactic forces once again amass in our skies, can humanity make a stand? Grab your copy and start listening today.
What the Critics are Saying: "Cole tackles the first-contact scenario with bombastic flair. His vibrant prose delivers the high-resolution imagery of a Hollywood blockbuster. A technologically riveting dream for sci-fi action fans." "SECTOR 64 was a highly imaginative action-packed apocalyptic assault on your mind." "Cole has a good thing going ... His descriptions of aerial battle and his knowledge of the aircraft themselves fascinated me ... Sector 64 is a great read."
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Customer Reviews

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action packed apocalyptic assault on your mind

SECTOR 64: Ambush: Sector 64 Book One
Cole creates a parallel world, or is it? Where humans are actually decedents of the most technologically advanced beings in the universe. They came to Earth and integrated with the neanderthals and this is why humans had evolved so quickly.

Jake Giard and Airforce captain given the, what I will call, promotion of a lifetime. Being chosen to be introduced to and acquainted with amazingly advanced aircraft, or space craft, depending on where you’re flying. During his technology tour the arch enemies of our ancestors come to destroy us to hurt them.

Then there is Giards girlfriend Sandra Fitzpatrick who wakes up under attack from alien creatures. While fighter planes are no match against the advanced race, she has only one thing one her mind. “Are my parents ok?”. Thus she must navigate a once familiar landscape that is now war torn, but where are the casualties? Only piles of clothes remain of the citizens caught in the path of destruction.

As with most apocalyptic scenarios that I am familiar with. Only the really sick and demented seem to survive these situations and are put in Sandy’s path.

SECTOR 64: Ambush was a highly imaginative action packed apocalyptic assault on your mind. Take everything that you think you know about the current military, the knowledge that we are alone in the universe, and flip it upside-down. I will continue to listen to this series.

Retribution: Sector 64 Book Two **NOTE: Below could contain spoilers to the first book, read with caution***
Something that hit me about half way through was how similar this second book was to the first. Both books having the same thing at stake, the entire human race. Only if you think of the Argonian’s as humans. Then there is the very eerily similar endings, I won’t go in to details because it would be a spoiler.

I do not know if this was just the way the story was written or if it goes to the narration. But, other than the chapter brakes, there didn’t seem to be anything other than a very slight pause between sections where the storyline would switch up. Making it difficult to know exactly what is happening at every moment. Seemed like each time I was up to speed with who I was with, it would switch.

All in all Retribution was an entertaining interstellar science fiction war story. With enough technology to keep the science lovers happy and plenty of other things to keep the fiction lovers happy. If you listened to the first book already, good for you, you are probably going to get this book anyway. While the second book wraps up the story well with no cliffhanger ending, it is not nearly as epic. Mainly because the energy that was in the first, would have been nearly impossible to carry over to the second.

All that being said I would recommend this series to lovers of science fiction or military fiction fans as it does have a lot to offer as an entire series. It has everything that one could wish for from action and tension, a little romance, characters that you will love to hate, and an ending that bring closure.

The shining star of Michael Ortego’s performance was again the his portrayal of the lizard people. Reaching way down inside to produce voices that sounded as alien as they did primal. Doing this and also keeping it understandable. However, many of his other voices were so similar I found it difficult at times to know who was talking or if it was just the story going bye. Ortego was able to change the pacing as needed for the action scenes that helps so much in bringing the heart rate up. The production was clean and smooth with no discernible hiccups or errors.
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- AudioBook Reviewer

Too much Verbal Diarrhea

The Books are about 30 per cent plot rest is verbal diarrhea. Good try Cole
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- David

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-13-2016
  • Publisher: CANDTOR Press