Scabs: The Gemini Exception : Scabs

  • by Eric A. Shelman
  • Narrated by Eric A. Shelman
  • Series: Scabs
  • 8 hrs and 57 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A strange phenomenon occurs out of nowhere: an omnipresent light that engulfs the entire planet. Humanity is forever changed by the light. NOAA and NASA are mystified.
People soon face a new threat; even the smallest, most insignificant injury will no longer heal. Doctors cannot stop it. The sick do not die. They change.
They are Scabs.
As the survivors flee, it becomes clear there's no place to run, and time is short. The topography of the planet begins to change. Devastation and destruction ensue on a massive scale.
Scott and Warren Walsh are brothers. Over 1,000 miles separate them from one another. Something about them is special, and places them in a category with only 0.2 percent of the world's population.
Only one thing gives Scott, Warren, and others like them hope against the Scabs...The Gemini Exception.


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it's intense, small scale, and very personal

Scabs: The Gemini Exception is something lacking in the apocalyptic fiction world; it's intense, small scale, and very personal.

The two protagonists in Eric A. Shelman's novel are twin brothers Scott and Warren Walsh. After being separated by a divorce they've grown up and started their own adult lives, and are well adjusted, reasonably happy men when the book starts. They share a hobby for messenger pigeons (it helps them stay in touch over long distances), which becomes a crucial part of the story's plot.

The book begins with a bizarre period of intense, smothering white light that permeates the world. Everything for no discernible reason becomes illuminated by an indirect, otherworldly light. It kills shadows, mutes the night and causes tremendous disruption to the world. At the same time people who are injured stop healing.

Like, any injury will no longer heal. You're stuck with it for life, which as we find out for most, won't be much time at all.

When the light suddenly disappears those who are hurt begin to have their wounds scab over. But the scabs quickly get out of hand, covering their entire bodies like a terrible growth, encasing them in a chrysalis that they emerge from as monsters. Mutations of the highest degree become the rule of the day, and when they are set free from their prisons, they seek out anything still human to feed, and to destroy. The only people spared this fate are twins, leaving Warren and Scott to protect their families, and seek out answers and safety.

First off, Eric's narration of his own novel is fantastic. His production values are on par with the finest studio productions, and his voice (voices really, as he bounces around with different accents and cadences) is easy to listen to. I can easily say this is a top three audiobook that was read by the author. Kudos to him for a wonderful job.

Story-wise Scab's greatest strength lies in the intense, slow burn reveal of the apocalypse. It's a simmering story that unfolds one tiny revelation at a time, building and building the impending terror until it's unleashed in its full horror in the third act. Oddly for me, I thought the huge reveal of the full terror would be the highlight of the story but I was wrong. The build up turned out to be the most satisfying part of the story, and one I think others will enjoy in the same way.

Scabs features a reasonable cast of characters that isn't overwhelmingly large, but also well varied, as well as a good amount of action, and a bucketload of proper apocalyptic tension. Scabs: The Gemini Exception is a very welcome addition to the science fiction genre, and a must read for fans of Robert McCammon or the like.

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I read many many Zombie type books and am constantly in search of something unique, this is it! It was great. I was a little hesitant that the author narrorator it, but he did a really good job,the only way that could of been better is if Sean Runette or Ray Chase would have done it lol. I was pleasantly surprised to have really liked the authors narroration, great work! The story is unique and keeps you wanting more and you can't get much better than that. I can't wait for the next book! Hurry! I highly recommend this book to any zombie book lovers or post apocalyptic and apocalypse type book readers!
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- ~☆Ashelina☆~

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-02-2015
  • Publisher: Dolphin Moon Publishing