• by George R. R. Martin (editor), Gardner Dozois (editor), Gillian Flynn (contributor), Neil Gaiman (contributor)
  • Narrated by George R. R. Martin, Gwendoline Christie, Julia Whelan, Roy Dotrice, Phil Gigante, Ron Donachie, W. Morgan Sheppard, Janis Ian, Gwendoline Christie
  • 31 hrs and 18 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A thrilling collection of 21 original stories by an all-star list of contributors - including a new A Game of Thrones story by George R. R. Martin!
If you’re a fan of fiction that is more than just black and white, this latest story collection from number-one New York Times best-selling author George R. R. Martin and award-winning editor Gardner Dozois is filled with subtle shades of gray. Twenty-one all-original stories, by an all-star list of contributors, will delight and astonish you in equal measure with their cunning twists and dazzling reversals. And George R. R. Martin himself offers a brand-new A Game of Thrones tale chronicling one of the biggest rogues in the entire history of Ice and Fire.
Follow along with the likes of Gillian Flynn, Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss, Scott Lynch, Cherie Priest, Garth Nix, and Connie Willis, as well as other masters of literary sleight-of-hand, in this rogues gallery of stories that will plunder your heart - and yet leave you all the richer for it.
TOUGH TIMES ALL OVER, read by Gwendoline Christie
WHAT DO YOU DO?, read by Julia Whelan
BENT TWIG, read by Phil Gigante
TAWNY PETTICOATS, read by Ron Donachie
PROVENANCE, read by W. Morgan Sheppard
ROARING TWENTIES, read by Janis Ian
A YEAR AND A DAY IN OLD THERADANE, read by Gwendoline Christie
BAD BRASS, read by Gil Bellows
HEAVY METAL, read by Scott Brick
THE MEANING OF LOVE, read by Conleth Hill
A BETTER WAY TO DIE, read by Roy Dotrice
ILL SEEN IN TYRE, read by Gethin Anthony
A CARGO OF IVORIES, read by Ron Donachie
DIAMONDS FROM TEQUILA, read by David Greenlee
THE CARAVAN TO NOWHERE, read by W. Morgan Sheppard
NOW SHOWING, read by Molly Quinn
THE LIGHTNING TREE, read by Rupert Degas
THE ROGUE PRINCE, read by Iain Glen.


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Customer Reviews

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A fun way to sample Authors- More Rothfuss Please!

Over all this was a good experience and I would like to see more such compilations. Here are my thoughts and ratings out of 10. Pardon my spelling - not familiar with some words/names - as it's audible:

1 Tough Times all over - Joe Abercrombie (6) Good narrator. About a stolen package that everyone wants. A bit convaluted.
2 What do you do?- Gillian Flynn (8) A unique female rougue and good female narr ator- twists in the story kept me interested.
3 Inn of the 7 Blessings- Matthew Hughes (8) Roy Dotrice is great and was good story about outsmarting wizards.
4 Bent Twig - Joe R Landsdale (7) Different modern day intrigue with fun texas accents about a PI searching for lost stepdaughter
5 Tawny Petticoats - Michael Swanwick (5) Dogman & zombies - strange tale in futuristic New Orleans. Its about a simple con game but if you like weird - this is it.
6 Providence - David W Ball (7) Long story about how painting was lost in WW2
7 Roaring Twenties - Carrie Vaughn (3) Boring and narrator is janis ian who is dull and has weird accent
8 A year and a day in old Therradain - Scott Lynch (7) Weird female characters/monsters and very wizardy. Good female narrator same as #1
9 Bad Brass - Bradley Dendon (8) Well read and fun story about down and out teacher.
10 Heavy metal - Sherie Priest (7) Odd hero story about a big imposing PI protecting us from nasty things.
11 The meaning of love - Daniel Abraham (7) Interesting and unique topic - a bit predictable - but well done.
12 A better way to die - Paul Cornell (5) Roy could not save this one. Odd story about 18th century man meeting his younger self through time travel.
13 Ill scene in Tyre - Steven Salor (6) Historical mystery genre set in Ancient times. fun story
14 A Cargo of Ivories - Garth Nicks (8) Master and puppet -strangely appealing if you accept that his sidekick is a puppet.
15 Diamonds from Tequila - Walter John Williams (9) Innovative ideas mixed into a good murder mystery. Good listen.
16 Caravan to No Where - Phyllis Eisentein (9) Gripping and good character development - I want to read more of her stuff.
17 The Curious Affair of the Dead Wives - Lisa Tuttle (8) Slow start but gets better
18 How the Marquis Got his Coat Back - Neil Gamon (9) Marquis de Carabas - Very compelling story
19 Now Showing - Connie Willis (7) Weird Movie saga
20 The Lightning Tree Patrick Rothfuss - (10) Awesome - Bast is profiled and he is wickedly lovable.
21 The Rogue Prince or a Kings Brother - George RR Martin (7) Too much geneology - Not Game of Thrones quality and Roy does not read it.
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- gerry

12 great hours by Fantasy titans-Skip the other 20

Collections of short stories, especially collections with many readers and many authors, are very hit and miss on Audible. This is one of the better ones, though it comes with a caveat - the bad stories are pretty bad, and the bad readers even worse - so the four star rating requires you to skip around a bit. Others have pointed out that the chapters are a bit weird, but that is only for two or three stories, after which they serve as a useful way to skip. (I'll also provide guidance on where the stories are)

And you should make sure to catch the fantastic ones here:

Scott Lynch's (Chapters 16-33 in the Audibook) A Year and a Day in Old Therradain has all of the charm, wit, and worldbuilding of the best of Lies of Locke Lamora, but with a great new character and new setting. Oceans 11 in a fantasy world.

Joe Abercrombie (Chapter 3 in the Audiobook) offers a Ambercrombie-ish tale of an entire criminal underworld hunting a mysterious package among lies and complex plots that is fun and not nearly as dark as his other work. It is read by the same narrator as Lynch, who is great.

Garth Nix's Cargo of Ivories (Chapter 58) is a story from his latest series about a puppet wizard and a knight hunting dangerous gods. I love Nix's style, and this was a nice example of his more adult work, with some clever wit along with the action.

Rothfuss's Lightning Tree (Chapters 70-71) is the story of Bast, and his relationships and schemes in the town where Kvothe's Inn is located. Witty, fun, and, surprisingly, given Rothfuss's tendency for massive tomes, tightly written.

Gaiman's entry (Chapter 66) is a story from Neverwhere, and will appeal to you greatly if remember (and like!) that novel, but is likely be a bit confusing otherwise.

Martin's piece (the final chapter) is more of a history of some pre-Game of Thrones events, you will enjoy it if you like history and the GoT universe (which I do), otherwise it will feel like a list of names and dates.

There are others that are good. I don't usually read mysteries, but I enjoyed a couple of them a lot (Big Brass and the second story, What Would You Do?), I also really liked a couple of weirder stories - Tawny Petticoats by Swanick and Inn of the Seven Blessings by Hughes. You may have different favorites.

Sometimes the readers are terrible and the stories are good, and sometimes the opposite is true. Overall, though, it is a terrific collection, if you are willing to skip around to find the gems and aren't annoyed that some of the stories are disappointing.
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- Ethan M.

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-17-2014
  • Publisher: Random House Audio