Remanence : Confluence

  • by Jennifer Foehner Wells
  • Narrated by Susanna Burney, Mark Linden
  • Series: Confluence
  • 12 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In defiance of NASA, Jane Holloway, the linguist of the Providence expedition, commandeers the alien ship that crew explored. She sets off to return that ship's marooned navigator to his home world, determined to discover who was behind the genocide that destroyed his original crew.
But when she gets there, she finds his world devastated by the same plague. The remaining members of his race, uniquely gifted at navigating the stars, are stranded across the galaxy. And someone, it seems, doesn't want those lost navigators to be found.
As Jane unravels the mystery of the plague and works to ensure the survival of Ei'Brai's race, she discovers that the life of every sentient being in the galaxy may be in jeopardy, and the clock is ticking.


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Customer Reviews

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Another Amazing Sci-Fi Masterpiece

I must say that for such a (relatively) unknown author, Jennifer Foehner Wells is definitely one of my top 5 favorite sci-fi authors. This book series is well written, exciting, and hard to put down. This book, while slightly slower than the last, is truly a great story and a great setup for what I hope will be more than just a trilogy.

Jane takes the ship back to its origins and Ei'Brai's home. They discover that the plague that devastated the ship in the first book wrought havoc on the the technologically advanced system. While attempting to land on a moon, the shuttle crashes in the unforgiving environment where they make friends and enemies alike. Taking on several new crew members prior to departing, Jane leads the ship on a journey to rescue as many of Ei'Brai's kind as she can from presumably drifting ships. In the process, she discovers the true origins of the plague and a whole new enemy to the sentient races of the galaxy that may have allied themselves with the swarm.

The narration by Susanna Burney was as top-notch as it was in the previous book. The addition of Mark Linden to narrate Ei'Brai and Alan was a good choice and I hope that future books will keep both narrators.

I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone looking to purchase this book read the first book in the series before this one. Even though the author gives some of the backstory as a refresher, I think that most readers are going to be lost and appreciate the book far less than they would have if they had only started with the first book.

5 stars all around for this excellent sci-fi adventure!
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- Striker

No plan survives contact with the enemy

Remanence is book 2 of Jennifer Foehner Wells' Confluence series. Jane has defied NASA and attempted to return the alien spacecraft with the one surviving alien back to its "home" system" only to find that the other alien race that employed the squid-like alien for interstellar travel has been reduced to a pre-industrial state. After some bumbling efforts at diplomacy and cultural appreciation, her crew has become a bit larger and embarks on learning what has become of these former sentient and highly capable beings only to discover the galaxy's menagerie of destructive elements is larger than previously thought.

The sci-fi elements focus mainly on alien life forms and their unique cultural peccadilloes. Jane's squid-buddy and his race oscillates between a train pet and a megalomaniac. The humanoid race is rather unremarkable except perhaps for their rabid vegetarianism which is a bit at odds with their past accomplishments. While the plot is compelling, the story drags with too much anthropomorphic qualities among the aliens. At the same time, the number of unconsummated trysts between Allan and Jane swings between a mundane romance novel and a rom-com teleplay. Jane is the magnet and the only driver of action, while everyone else is just along for the ride, both humans and aliens so character motivation is lacking.

The choice for two narrators, male and female was a nice touch as the point of view shifts from Jane to Allan to squid. Range of voices and pacing are adequate.
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- Michael G Kurilla

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-08-2016
  • Publisher: Blue Bedlam Books