Queen Bitch : The Kurtherian Gambit Universe

  • by Michael Anderle
  • Narrated by Emily Beresford
  • Series: The Kurtherian Gambit Universe
  • 6 hrs and 32 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The UnknownWorld is reeling from change.
Bethany Anne has started to make a difference in the first week of being awake. Now, America has been losing good men since their teams don't have a vampire to help them.
Frank is hoping Bethany Anne can, and will, help.
Further, the American Pack Council is having internal problems with their own young-and-dumb weres who want to ignore Michael's strictures. With no one seeing Michael, the fear of the Boogeyman is starting to recede.
That's fine with Bethany Anne, it means she will personally deliver the message there is a new vampire in town.
Immediately following the story of Bethany Anne from Death Becomes Her, Queen Bitch rides a rollercoaster of action with a heavy dose of creative cussing. Bethany Anne starts to get a team in place to help her affect change.
Because, whether the UnknownWorld wants it or not, change is coming.


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Customer Reviews

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I liked this one more...

This was much better than Death Becomes Her. Bethany Anne was in the book most of the time and when she wasn’t it wasn’t as boring as the other book.

After Bethany Anne killed Petre in the last book she headed to his father’s house with every intention of kicking his butt or killing him to. Unfortunately, she found a really, really old man, so that changed her mind. Everything worked out just fine between them.

Then she took off to the States and got involved with a covert group that took care of business with no one knowing what happened. It was just one battle after another and her always making wisecracks to her team. She was so funny sometimes.

There was no sex but the F-bomb was used 52 times.

As to the narration: Emily Beresford did a lot better narrating this book. Her emotions were much better than in Death Becomes Her, but there’s still nothing memorable about her voice. I have no idea why.

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- Trish R.

Headed For Book 3!!!

Michael Anderle and Emily Beresford are CHUNKING OUT THE BOOKS! As I've already said, It looks like one book about every 25 days on average!!! LOVE the 'Afterwords' by Emily AND Michael, explaining how books are written, costs involved, how they are narrated, how long it takes after Emily uploads them to Audible after using their compression algorithm, and SO MUCH MORE! Right down to 'How much different types of Cover Art Costs' And 'How much different types of Proof-Reading Costs'! THAT information, collected from each of the Audio-Book Afterwords, could be a book all of it's own!

Michael FREELY admits in his Afterword(s) in each book that he writes FAST, and he writes PURE PULP! It's not 'Incredibly Deep' or 'Mind Bending', but it keeps you listening,Book After Book After Book... so: IT WORKS!

Call it Pulp, or 'Wishful thinking', or 'Unrealistic', or Whatever, Again: IT WORKS!

Each book in the Series gets better, and before you've finished Book One, you get sucked in and keep on 'Grabbing the next book'... That's what PROVES a Series GOOD! 'I'm willing to spend my hard earned money on it'! That's not 'Words', that's 'DEEDS'! If I'm spending my money on the books, then I think they're worth buying!
You know a series HAS YOU when you keep checking back to see if the next book is available yet! If I'm 'MAKING AN EFFORT' to spend MY money on a product, Then it's a product I WANT!
ALREADY bought all 8 books available at this time on Audible, and will be grabbing book 9 AS SOON as it comes out!

(STILL wish I could 'Tag' an Author or Narrator I like on Audible, and be notified when a new book is released by that Author or Narrator, so I don't miss a new book released by an Author that hasn't released a new book in a while.. NOT a lot of coding required to add THAT feature to a website... Hint, Hint, Hint ;)
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- Trip Williams

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-22-2017
  • Publisher: LMBPN Publishing