Project 731 : Nemesis Saga

  • by Jeremy Robinson
  • Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
  • Series: Nemesis Saga
  • 8 hrs and 21 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Washington, DC Has Been Destroyed
In the wake of a Kaiju assault that left the nation's capital in ruins, Jon Hudson - director of the Department of Homeland Security's Fusion Center, Paranormal - is preparing his team for an uncertain future. While hiding Lilly, a chimera cat-girl rescued from Island 731, from GOD - the Genetic Offense Directive, a black ops organization within DARPA - Hudson attempts to raise Maigo, the teenage girl who once was part of Nemesis - the now deceased goddess of vengeance. But the two strange girls can't be protected from what comes next.
Nemesis Lives
Kept in a massive warehouse operated by GOD, Nemesis's body is violated by the Tsuchi, the spider-like chimera also developed on Island 731. It spawns three Kaiju-sized variations of the deadly creatures and wakes Nemesis from her regenerative slumber. Nemesis, fueled by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance, and now lacking Maigo's conscience, storms after the Tsuchi, which have fled south, toward Los Angeles, and inland...toward GOD's headquarters at Area 51.
Sacrifices Must Be Made
To stop the infinitely hungry Tsuchi, and the rampaging Nemesis, Hudson and crew must make alliances with enemies - combining personal experience, future technology and bold actions. But for the world to once again be safe from a Kaiju menace, one of their own must give themselves up to the goddess of vengeance.


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Customer Reviews

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I can’t get enough

The start of this book picks up with references to “Island 731, Project Nemesis, and Project Maigo” . The “Darwin” is a research ship that was looking for it’s missing sister ship “Magellan.” The location was the huge garbage dump in the Pacific ocean. It is also close to where Island 731 used to be.

The ship appears to be deserted. A team of Black Ops is approaching with orders to board and search the ship. They do and they find what they were expected to find. One of them will die to bring back a sample of “Black Matter”.

I have finished “Island 731″ and it was an extremely good read. Evan though I have not read the next two books I can figure out what happened and want to read them also.

The characters are so well developed that you just know it will be a fantastic story. The plot is still the monsters from the earlier books but now Jon Hudson and Mark Hawkins have so much more to fight for. The depth of their feelings for the people they are protecting is obvious. Jon and his crew are training Lilly, the chimera cat-girl that he rescued from Island 731. They also have another girl, Maigo, the teenage girl who once was part of Nemesis.
Jon is also getting really serious about his girlfriend Ashley Collins.

I can’t get enough of the technology that Robinson has come up with. The fly suits are a reality but in this time they have improved tremendously. Other weapons are also improved and the armor the “bad” guys have is incredible.
Along with all this is the plane. But the best part of any monster thriller is the monsters and these have reached a whole new level.
I know there will be more of this series coming in the future. Can’t wait to find out what Robinson comes up with next.

I have the audio version of the book read by Jeffery Kafer. (Hope I got his name right.) He is super at this type of book. He has a great voice. Not to deep or too high. Bringing the story to life he takes the listener to the front of the action.
Audio production was perfect. No problem with static, skips, or breaks. A perfect recording.

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This is my first Jeremy Robinson book, but it will not be my last. This is very similar to the Joe Ledger series. This has more science oddities, but Maberry writes a little better. Both are good to great. It seems there is a whole series of these 731 books. This does work as a stand alone book, but I get the feeling, reading the other books would make it better. I bought on sale and could not pass it up.

I love mad scientist books and this has got them in spades. I was very surprised how many subject matters were stuffed into this. Here is a list of most: Evil Scientist, clones, Greek mythology, Nazis, Atlantis, Area 51, Space Plane, Island of Dr. Moreau (chimeras), and a secret government agency that his a secret to the government. Some of these are barely mentioned, but there is a promise of more in future episodes. Oh Yeah, Kaiju. It was very entertaining and fast paced. I am not a fan of shoot-em ups and the last three hours is all action, or I would be more excited about this. Even in the last three hours there are some more surprises introduced.

I have been hearing more and more of this Jeffrey Kafer narrator and I am liking it. He is a top tier narrator and perfect for this type of book.

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- Jim "The Impatient" "My taste differs from kid books to gory horror books."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-30-2015
  • Publisher: Breakneck Media