• by Warren Fielding
  • Narrated by Ian Gordon
  • 6 hrs and 49 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

You're walking down the street in the early hours of the morning, in one of the most densely populated cities in the world, when you see something that makes the rational side of your brain itch. It has mortal wounds and shouldn't be walking, but it is, and if you hang around for too long, it will be heading towards you. How would you react? You survive the initial throes of civil unrest and the collapse of law and order. The world has become your playground. What kind of person do you become? You have never lived for anyone else except yourself. You are selfish. You like being alive. But you do have a conscience, and a soul. Who do you save first?
Warren is not a likeable man. Warren doesn't even like himself. But he does like existing, and he wants to continue doing it, no matter what hell is emerging around him. Being pragmatic and a bit of a git to boot, he doesn't find making the hard decisions difficult. What he does find out, is that the hard decisions are not necessarily the right ones. And being a bastard in life does not prepare you for the clashes that will ensue once the edges of society begin to blur and fade out. It isn't just the infected and the resurrected that Warren needs to be wary of, as he negotiates his way around the post-infection south coast in a haphazard attempt to keep himself and his family alive.


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A Big Bite of Snarky Survivor

Any additional comments?

All in all a pretty good effort in a very overly crowded and well chewed genre. Zombies in the UK introduce a different level of challenges for survivors as evidenced here. The challenges of survival in a relatively gun free environment introduce new twists and difficulties. I think some of the choices made and mental blocks encountered are cultural and gives the story a different take that one sees in US based apocalyptic fiction.
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- S Atherton

Zombies across the pond

Any additional comments?

Entertaining, enjoyable and interesting. The zombie apocalypse unfolding in Great Britain.

During a zombie outbreak would you really turn over a weapon you had, even if the government ordered it? That's a no. Any government that would make the request is out of their mind.

When the story begins it's 40 months after the zombie apocalypse has started. Warren a former journalist is writing a journal recounting the events that have happened to his group up to the present. He states right at the start he is going to recount the events in the minutest detail he can. There is not a lot of action until the last half of the story.

Warren Fielding his sister Carla and his brother-in-law Rick are trying to survive the best way they can.
Warren is full of sarcasm and snark, he tends to speak before he thinks at times. He's doing the best he can to keep them all safe. It's a learn as you go scenario(obviously) which adds to the different situations they find themselves in. Warren and his family are in no way "preppers" so they use what they have to survive. In the search for safety they end up in a situation they never could have imagined.

While there is humor and sarcasm through out the story, for me it was not the laugh out loud sarcasm/humor that fills the Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo. Warren may however be the British distant cousin version of that series MC Mike Talbot. There is a distinct difference between British and American humor, as well as the phrases they use. I think this effects how well each person enjoys the story.

Some things that didn't make sense to me. Why did they wait so long to board up their house? Where is any kind of authority? Things like electricity, internet etc. seemed to last longer than you would think.

Ian Gordon did a pretty good job with the narration. Pleasant voice. Smooth even pace. Not much difference between male character voices. His female voices were believable. I think a little more difference in the character voices would have really helped the sarcasm come through better. While he was able to convey the different emotions of the characters he needed more emotion in the action parts of the story.
The audio has a bit of a "hollow" sound to me in the beginning. I got used to it easily and it had no effect the overall enjoyment of the story. This just may be the difference in studio styles.

Dawn Peers aka Warren Fielding has written a pretty darn good offering in the zombie genre. It was good enough that it kept me listening in one sitting and I will continue with the series to find out what happens next.

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- Lori

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-29-2016
  • Publisher: Malevolent Press