Otherlife Awakenings

  • by William D. Arand
  • Narrated by Jeff Hays
  • 12 hrs and 23 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Runner and his team managed to bring peace to Tirtius, successfully log the crew out, and have begun settling in to make a home on the isle of Vix. Fate isn't going to let them go that easily though. She clearly hasn't decided on what to do with him. Plots are in motion. Threats local, divine, and abroad scheme to exterminate Runner and the threat he represents. The possibility of what he could become. To top it all off, the server is clearly ramping up towards a full awakening. What does one do with an entire world of "living" beings who are aware?
It all comes to a head when an assassin attempts to take his life in his own home.
Now comes the true test.
What is he willing to wager to build the future he wants, both in game and out?
Or rather, who?


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Customer Reviews

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Something different in a good way!

William D Arand finishes off his selfless hero trilogy with what I can only describe as the best book of the series. New characters and old favourites with some solid world building and character development I've found myself going back to the first book to start enjoying the trilogy again.

Jeff Hays has worked his magic on this book as well, if your not familiar with his other work I strongly recommend checking it out, he has a gift for adding a unique tone to each character, adding another dimension to an already good work there's not much more I can add to this without spoilers so I'll just finish up by saying it was worth a credit, and I hope to see the author add more onto this in the future, there's so much potential for more books and I'm more than willing to buy them
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- Lex

A very unsatisfying conclusion

I liked the first two books. They weren't amazing, but enjoyable. After Nadine's death and Runner's torturing of Jacob in the second book, I had expected things to get a little more serious in the third book. Some actual conflict between people he cared about. Something other than Runner and his ever expanding harem against the game. I was disappointed.

Runner tortures Jacob in extreme fashion and when the girls find out they just say Nadine wouldn't approve, Runner agrees, and that's the end of it. Runner finds out that someone is spying on him, a perfect chance for one of the girls to betray him, but no. We don't even find out who the spy is. The author explains that after a while the people that are taken in by Runner's charisma stat will eventually be unaffected by it, but not a single person changes their feelings about him. Really? Not a single girl in his harem would prefer a man who is at least occasionally serious. Not a single girl wants a monogamous relationship, even though that is clearly the norm in the game setting.

On that note, the author seems unable to grasp the idea that a person can in fact care about someone without having sex with them. Runner's harem bulges at the seems in this book. Even as he professes to like strong women, every single girl melts to his touch. The only women who stands up to him are the Goddess he defeats and the one actual human that was his former girlfriend.

And I will end with werewolf nipple tweaks. Seriously... All I am going to say to that is bravo to Jeff Hays for being able to read through that scene without cringing.
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- Bryan J Zumwalt

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-05-2016
  • Publisher: William D. Arand