Onset : New DEAD

  • by TW Brown
  • Narrated by TW Brown
  • Series: New DEAD
  • 8 hrs and 32 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Today is the day that Evan Berry's life will change forever. His days working construction are about to end; he is finally going to be a high school music teacher. Stephanie, his bride-to-be, even has a surprise planned for him when he gets home from work that first night. None of that matters. For several days, the news has been hinting at reports of a strange illness that appears to be global. Unfortunately, this is no regular sickness. The dead are returning to life and attacking the living. Evan is at his new job for less than 10 minutes when he gets a call from Stephanie. There is a man in their house and he is trying to attack her.
Set in the world of the Amazon best-selling series Dead, there is a new story to tell. See the world die through the eyes of one man in Dead: Onset.


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Customer Reviews

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The Dog Is Good

I have been wanting to get a TW book for sometime. His stuff never goes on sale. I went ahead and wasted a credit. Brown seems to write exclusively in the Zombie genre and I like good zombie books. I was also impressed that he is a reviewer. A reviewer that does not always give five stars to his writing buddies. Card is a reviewer, but he only gives five stars. So, I that this guy must be gutsy.

I only got through close to five hours. I thought the story was weak and had too many unbelievable things happen. In no particular order, 1. A music teacher who was a construction worker? I have never meet a music teacher who could lift a hammer. 2. The main character goes out of his way to not watch the news, even after weird stuff starts happening? 3. Why are all these people running around in a pick up truck? In a Zombie apocalypse, there are lots of abandoned cars. Any town with a school has a least one car lot. Didn't these other teachers have cars? Why put all your eggs in one basket?

Other annoying things
Get a professional narrator. The majority of your men sound like women. Too much introspective thinking. That is not they way it happens in the movies. If I heard that once I heard it ten times. First, it is very cliché and second, who cares. Why don't you say this is not the way it happens in books? Writers seem to think it adds authenticity to their writing to say that. There is zero science in this. One of the great things about a Zombie book, is the writer coming up with a unique or clever way this happened. Was it a government conspiracy? An experiment gone wrong, a mad scientist, some virus from South America, an alien invasion, What? How do your zombies differ from other zombies?

The book cover
Based on the Tim Burton style cover of the book, I thought maybe our main characters would be zombies themselves. The girlfriend became one early on, but was quickly forgotten. Tufo's Timothy series is cool, because it comes from the perspective of the zombie.

My favorite Zombie books are Cell, by King. These zombies gather together and form a sort of community, plus you become a zombie by using your phone. Joseph Duncan's Cattle, has zombies who are smart and they breed humans for food. Scott Sigler's Pandemic, has zombies that are part of an alien invasion theme.

Hey Audible
Why are there only 15 books in the zombie category and you can't browse to get there. You have to find a book that is specifically categorized as Zombie in order to go through the back door. It has been like three months.
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- Jim "The Impatient"

Onset: Dead Volume 1

So excited for a new zombie series, and super excited it's written by TW Brown....(Chris Philbrook and Mark Tufo are the only other "zombie" authors I also get this excited for!)

I enjoyed "Onset" and am really pleased this series is going to be focusing on one main character (and his group?) Evan is a relatable decent guy trying to survive a world full of zombies, and I felt myself really routing for him by the end of this book. Can't wait to see what the future holds for him!

The narrator.... none other than the author himself! Great job!
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- ♡Louise♡

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-07-2016
  • Publisher: May December Publications