Of Sudden Origin

  • by C. Chase Harwood
  • Narrated by Ben L. Sullivan
  • 9 hrs and 40 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Perhaps once in an epoch, events force evolution to take a giant leap and a life form arises that is aberrant to that from which it sprang.
Call them zombies if you must; America is at the mercy of a ruthless infection that devolves the intellect into that of a simian fiend. Horrible, yes, merciless, yes, bloodthirsty, unquestionably - but it is the offspring of the infected who will change the world: The children of the fiends are a mutant mind controlling abomination, and there is no defense against them.
Jon Washington is one misstep from being torn apart, eaten alive or becoming a psychotic killer. Broken down in a New Hampshire forest with millions of psychopathic Americans marching on his heels, he meets Nikki Rosen, a disgraced Marine. Together they will cross a crucible of challenges that have outwitted and killed the most resilient. In an effort to solve what is being called the Cain's pandemic, a hot zone team of CDC scientists backed by Special Forces will go to Florida. Along the way they will stare into the very face of evil. Happenstance combines these disparate groups in an explosive conclusion. Will any survive?


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I enjoyed the science. Of Sudden Origin, relates to an emerging theory that evolution does not take a long time, as previously thought. It is more sudden and that is why they can't find the missing link. I like the mystery of how this infection got started. Is it terrorist, the government, an accident or Tyson? This did fill my Zombie cravings. I liked this form of Zombie, they just don't eat your brains, they eat everything. When they are not eating they are having sex. They are ruled by the babies the Zombie women give birth too.

The book is filled with clich├ęs. The writing seems a little, not ready for prime time and the narrator is awful at times. At times the narrator does a good job and he does a lot of voices, but a lot of the time he drones on in a monotone voice. The book follows a couple of characters and occasionally the zombies. When switching from one group to the other, narrator does not even take a breath. It is abrupt and ruins the flow of the story. This only for hard core Zombie junkies who need a fix, even if it is the cheap stuff.
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- Jim "The Impatient" "My taste differs from kid books to gory horror books."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-07-2016
  • Publisher: Fate & Fortune Press