Night Whispers

  • by Calinda B
  • Narrated by Lynn Norris
  • 7 hrs and 1 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

From New York Times best-selling author Calinda B, comes a dystopian tale of ruthless struggle and triumph.
For two long terrifying years, Sakhi Borren, and her beloved brother Reve, are headed to live at The Complex. An enclosed metal and concrete manufactured world on the barren planet Lorn, the Complex is some government's version of a good idea. Its sole purpose is to "heal the rifts between warring races" - a joke if ever Sakhi heard one. If she and her brother can survive to the end, they'll leave, far richer. In the meantime, all they can look forward to is co-existing with criminals and the scumbags known as Metas. She's scared of Metas. Her brother loathes them.
Strict rules and "guidelines" govern their every waking hour. Harsh punishment awaits all who violate the rules. It's a bleak, bleary, mind-numbing existence.
A telepathic dreamer, Sakhi does her best to get along and not make waves, working alongside her charming yet terrifying boss, Thrasyllus Blüthe, a decorated war hero. She dreads each night, where she'll wade through the hopes and fears of others, caught in their dream-state. It seems she can only escape one world to be entrenched in another. But soon its evident someone is stalking her in her dreams. It could be any number of Metas she works with. It could be her boss. But she suspects it's someone far more deadly - her worst nightmare and her greatest enemy - the Meta assigned as her parole officer. He wants her eradicated - only after he seduces her.
Surviving until it's over is no longer her only option. She needs to deal with what's right in front of her face - her present. With no one to turn to, she leans on her brother for strength and comfort. But he might have a few secret plans of his own that leave her with no recourse but to rely on her own faltering strength.


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Enjoyed her imagination!!!

I received this audio book in exchange for my unbiased review through Audiobook Boom....

Can't wait for the rest of the series...
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- Syt

Acceptance is something that must be learned.

Which scene was your favorite?

The one scene that stood out to me was when Sakhi found out who Blüthe was to her. I think that was very telling about her finally accepting the Metas and not looking at them as mindless animals.

Any additional comments?

I received a copy of the audiobook for an honest review.

When this book started I was not to eager to continue. There was a lot oh hateful comments directed towards the Metas. I understand that their parents we killed directly and indirectly by Metas however lumping all of them together did not sit well with me.

I have to admit that the first part of the story I really disliked Sakhi and I hated Reve, Sakhi's petulant older brother. Reve blames Sakhi for being in this camp however he took it over board. Take for instance Sakhi always needing to cook for Reve. I understand that he is not 100% but the fact that she felt as though it was her duty to make sure he was fed. At the end of the day he showed his true colors. Reve did up sacrificing himself in order to save Sakhi but for me it was close to being to late. He is the one that decided to join a gang that wanted to kill anyone that was a Meta.

Sakhi and her boss, Blüthe, have a love, hate, lust relationship. Most of the book Sakhi seems to loathe Blüthe but she only acts that way because she has feelings for him and she does not like the way that he makes her feel. With Reve as a brother I would be confused as well.
I love the connection that Sakhi and Blüthe had when she did not know who he was. even though she flat out should her lack of acceptance when it came to him. They did have a HEA but it took some work to get to that point.

Everything seems to come back to Paki. That male seems to have his hand in everyone's business. Like come on doesn't he have anything better to do like I do not work. LOL

I have to admit I ending up liking this book. It was a good redemption story and a story of acceptance. It was not overly sexulaize like some books seem to be today and that is always a plus. I like the fact that Sahki realized that it does not matter if you are human or a Meta there is always that one evil bastard.

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- ShaSha (Lover of Audiobooks!)

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-01-2017
  • Publisher: Calinda B